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5/15/2023 c1 Anoop
Loved this story! Thanks for writing!
5/12/2023 c1 Silverdragonstar
The power he knows not eh! This was a fun read thank you.
3/6/2023 c1 1blcoachmac
That was great!
2/24/2023 c1 6Jestrbob
very nice
12/30/2022 c1 Bronze
Well, Good Ole Fumblemort has always told Harry that LOVE was the Power He Knows Not! But I very much doubt that he ever thought that Harry kissing five of the most beautiful girls in in Hogwarts would result in Voldemort self-destructing and taking all his marked followers magic with him. It's more than likely he's gonna demand Harry tell him how he did it. Hopefully Harry has the stones to tell him where to get off. After all, exactly what has Good Ole Fumblemort ever done FOR Harry? He's done quite a lot TO Harry but not a single thing FOR him! So, any request for information on how Harry killed the Dark Lord should be met with a reply of " It's nice to want Fumblemort! " It'll frustrate the old meddler to no end not to know! Anyhoo, this isn't the first time I've read a story where Harry killed Riddle with love. In one he joined a cooking club because Hermione wanted at least one boy and Ron suggested Harry go in his place. And thus ended the second rise of Voldemort. However, just because it's been done before doesn't mean I didn't fully enjoy this! I LOVED it! I knew that Mrs. Fields wasn't human from the start but had no clue she was Lily! I wonder, now that Vulturewurst is dead and gone will Good Ole Fumblemort get off his lazy ole ass and finally get Sirius the trial he was denied? Damn fine story. Well worth the read.
10/14/2022 c1 Guest
This was funny, cute and absolutely perfect...
1/5/2021 c1 morcheller
What a lovely twist on the story. I love it.
I rarely read one-shots but, this on said something to me that made me read and I'm very glad I did.
I'll check in on you again.
11/5/2020 c1 shadewolfedrt
That was great and the ending was funny and some what socking.
10/29/2020 c1 Guest
Fun read! Thank you!
10/13/2020 c1 25stevem1
This was hilarious, and sweet.
9/21/2020 c1 13OfficerDonNZ
Very cute
9/13/2020 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Silly and predictable, but enjoyable. Thanks.
4/19/2020 c1 Ice Demon Ranger
Thanks for sharing.
2/28/2020 c1 odonnellzoo99
Very well done.
2/10/2020 c1 Critical reader
While I fully believe that some positive emotions experienced by Harry would have hurt Tom Riddle very much, the idea of kissing booths is a rather disturbing one to me, not only for hygienic reasons. I take it that this story is sort of a parody.
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