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for I am Snape, Potions Master

4/11/2013 c1 52RainWillMakeTheFlowersGrow
1/21/2013 c1 28duj
This is just Snape-bashing. McGonagall is much more inclined to take points in general - and to take large numbers of points at a time - than Snape, and except for the single point in their first class for not stopping Neville from melting his cauldron all his points deductions are thoroughly deserved by the recipients.
1/21/2013 c1 38MegGiry-TheAlbino
This is good. Only thing though, that had me twitching from the beginning: Gryffindors never had class with Ravenclaws. Slyerins and Gryffindors always had class together. But I'm nit-picky. Ignore everything I say. Really good style of writing, too.

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