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for One left behind

6/23 c10 HorrorFan13
Omg so sad
5/29/2017 c2 Guest
Aww I was misled by the tag. Disappointing.
2/18/2015 c3 2bloodsoakedpearls
Eh, never mind. My minds changed. I don't like the idea of someone Landas age fucking a child. Sorry. Tasteless in my opinion. The whole age thing ruined it for me.
2/18/2015 c2 bloodsoakedpearls
Ooh. The first chapter caught my attention. But.. why is Anabel so young?
6/11/2014 c6 Guest
Please update soon!
3/29/2013 c4 Izzie Nicole
I really like this story so far, I can't wait for the next update! :-)
1/28/2013 c3 Leena
Landa is one baad man! Yikes, wish he wasn't so rough but this is war and the rules are gone. Hope she's not pregnant!
1/23/2013 c2 Leena
Pretty exciting...but I don't think Landa's the type to wait for marriage! Love the Hermann part...very funny!
1/22/2013 c1 CanadianDarkFox
This is a great start! I love Blind Obsession, but I think this one is better! I haven't seen an idea like this yet and you have me hooked! I think fourteen is a little young as historically the legal age was around 16 in the 1930's, But I respect that this is your story so you make the rules :) I look forward to reading this rountinely as it seems that you are very good with your updates. Thank you for writing.
1/22/2013 c1 RaeFazer
Wow, 14 seems a bit young!

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