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9/12 c1 back2front
Another wannabe wankbank where harry fucks every female he meets. He might as well give up magic and conquer the world with his magical cock. Fucking weak story hidden by shit loads of smut
8/15 c19 Royaussie
This is a lot of fun. I have no idea about this new world but it has enough Harry that im really enjoying it. People its fun so far and even if your like me and know nothing its a lot of fun. Thank you for writing this so we are lucky enough to be allowed to read it.
7/12 c6 Bronze
Maybe it's a good thing Harry didn't do anything like this back on Earth. I don't think the fools in the Wizengamot would live long enough to change their votes once the women of the Magical World found out they allowed Good Ole Fumblemort to drive Harry off world. Though I seriously doubt the ladies he's with now have any objection to Harry living on Azeroth from now on. Of course, there is one Dread Lord who definitely does object to Harry being there.
6/16 c5 Guest
Story has potential but wow did this become boring
4/19 c14 mangouschase
bet when they end up in Earth as a group, they get by Halloween and they can just walk around like that
4/19 c13 mangouschase
graveyard? more like, flameyard
4/17 c1 6Mando-Vet
Helluva good start!
4/15 c16 Ethloc
I was not expecting a Frank Zappa reference.
3/21 c19 Guest
goated storyits so good
3/13 c6 fridgeraiderz
and you've lost me
3/7 c15 4Wackuhdoodle
I feel like Accio and Point Me would be great spells for Harry to know and use on these adventures they’re going on…
2/15 c2 BladeBlight
Damn. Another harem. Sigh…. Well, it was fun for the 2 chapters i read.
2/9 c6 gginsc
I am extremely disappointed. Another pornographic fic. Too bad, I liked the idea of Harry on another world.
1/25 c6 stevesgaming87
Super weak
1/25 c1 stevesgaming87
Glad this isn't set in the hp universe cus the flanderization of an 'evil' Dumbledore is one of my biggest peeves.
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