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4/30 c6 Nicthalon
please, for the love of all that's horny never call it baby batter again
4/22 c3 2Maecain
he held a secret for so long... yet he decides to say it within a few minutes of conversation with totally unknown person, whom may or may not be his future enemy... sure, so trusting that it is almost unbelievable that he managed to survive so long
4/12 c6 Revolting
You went from potential, to filth in this.
4/12 c1 Private add
I prefer to think (as morbid as it is) that Har (it Henry, as I prefer) is the widower to a larger number of women who he held dear, including Mina’ (Herma).
4/3 c2 mst3ktoo
Just like Pokemon, gotta catch em all
3/31 c10 dswiller80
i've read this story a few times, and it still makes me chuckle that you named this chapter Leeroy's Revenge.
3/14 c19 Humdinger1983
Found this and couldn't put it down. Hope you decide to finish the sequel one day.
3/3 c6 StellarJade
Immensely disappointed yet again, my search continues for a Warcraft fanfiction that is neither Harem or Smut.
1/12 c9 Reaper1990
Don't you mean white flag, black flag means give no quarter.
1/11 c4 Reaper1990
She already said she would quit the sentinels why write that?
1/11 c1 Reaper1990
Well that last sentence was false.
12/22/2021 c18 6Primus2021
I wonder if the Phoenix tears, along with the Basilisk venom & blood flowing through Harry's brains and his position as The Master Of Death will have an effect on Harry's Black Dragon form, add in that it's also part of Deathwing aka the Aspect of Earth, and I'm wondering if Harry will become a White/Pale Dragon and the Aspect of Death, lol.
12/21/2021 c17 Primus2021
Ironically enough, I think that the Centaurs of Earth would get along GREAT with the Druids of Azeroth along with the Keepers of the Grove, the Dryads aka the Daughters of Cenarius/Sisters of Ordanus, and Ordanus himself etc, they are all tied in with Elune, Malorne and the Night Elves in general.
12/15/2021 c17 PineappleM
I have to say, I think this Neville would get along well with the Pandaren.
12/14/2021 c19 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very nicely done. Can't say I know much WoW, but as an HP reader this was very accessible to me. You have a nice touch!
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