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for My Own Paradise

12/21/2011 c1 137MikariStar
7/12/2008 c1 13creativesm75
1/7/2008 c1 50Master Solo
aww how interesting. very good Nakago fic. Now, I wonder if he's going to be reborn and join Soi
1/11/2003 c1 anonymous
nice fic! but still i kinda figured ur the angst person. but pleaze don't torment people, as a request from this no-name reviewer can u pleaze write a sequil to death of lucrezia noin, birth of luca firon. pleaze!

oh yeah! i have no suggestions for a title. it pretty good so post more!
10/15/2002 c1 debbie
Hi! Really cool story. I really don't review many stories but i wanted to say something about ur gundam fic 'Death of Lucrezia Noin, Birth of Luca Firoin' cuz I really liked it. I'm begging for a sequel! Please! I mean u can't just leave me hanging like that. So i'm asking from tyhe bottom of my heart for u to continue.
8/5/2002 c1 DanceswithElvis
I rather liked it! Have you noticed that most fics involving Nakago don't seem to get reviews? *sniff*

Anyhoo...as for a better title, how about: After the Fall?

-if you get a chance, take a look at a couple of my F.Y. Fics Bury my Lovely, and The Hardest Choice and let me know what you think...

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