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3/2/2016 c1 9AngelsListener
I really like your story so far and I can't wait to see the yuri part of your story. I'm a yuri fan, well a shoujo ai fan mostly. But seeing your story say yuri I couldn't help but want to read it. I would really appreciate it if you would continue this story or at least give us a semi detailed chapter that described the events in little detail. I only ask for that because seeing some sort of a ending to a story is better then seeing no chapter ever written.

I would really like to see what happened next with your two characters. Like how is your girl and Hinata to become a pair? And for someone who doesn't usually like reading hetero pairings I am really wanting to see how Xander and Naruto get together.

You have my attention and I hope that for my sake you would try to continue your story, i think it would be a very good story to add to the colection of Naruto fanfictions. Even if the story isn't all about yuri. Makes me want to write now! :)
8/17/2013 c1 19The 11 Tailed Vegetable
Nice! This is a story with meat! You introduced the characters beatifull, and fleshed out their past well. I really like the description of Lylli-chan! One thing. I thinn there's a way to beat the darkness dispel technique. If you're standing in shadows, you wont cast one!
1/22/2013 c1 ArinaSugarBaby
This was short in my opinion though it was just over where I choose to use a filter when looking at different stories. I am slightly interested in this and can tell at the moment that this is at least an original thought, though your summary is nothing new and barely peaked my interest With Anko being sister to Naruko even if you used a different name. However when it comes to This and I qoute "The plot and any OC's *cough* Xander *cough* are mine." Close qoute. The simple response to it in a polite way is No Da we already can tell that and the stupid cough part in front of and after just makes you look and sound stupid. While I look forward to seeing where this goes I must say you need to grow a few more brain cells to loose the few baka tendencies that you have in this first chapter.

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