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for this clarity clouds my mind

10/11/2014 c1 4Einna Fletcher
I love your writing. And this was so good.
6/19/2014 c1 4GreenRoseRegalia
The title of this one-shot drew me, did you possibly get inspired by Mumford & Sons -Thistle and Weed? They use the same line in the song(One of my fav of theres) Anywho, your style of writing is very unique... Not filled with extra or petty words, you say just enough to lead us.(I'm working on that myself)I enjoyed this scenario of Sasuke going back to Konoha without revenge or anger in his heart, great idea! Yet him feeling torn and the flashbacks of Sakura depress me more so than him wanting to destroy Konoha. I can imagine the actual Sasuke feeling and reacting this way, I think that's what makes this short fic so good.
Amazing job.
6/7/2013 c1 1I.Deal.In.Dreams
So full of beauty and richness and rhetorical delights that I am just drowning in happiness after reading this. Thank you for sharing your amazing writing with the world!
4/29/2013 c1 2neverlasting-legend
Short, sweet, and simple. Absolutely beautiful.
4/22/2013 c1 2Karopapier
Your last sentence left me... at once numb and totaly agitated.
4/5/2013 c1 arrearsofcivility
Your stories are always awesome. It makes me sad cause I know I'll never see any of this in the manga. But then again I get to read that here so...not so bad.
4/4/2013 c1 Guest
"The last time they met her eyes met his over the blond's shoulder, empty and resolute. Another promise, he thinks. He knows Sakura well, after all, and even three-quarters blind, he'd understood what that look meant."


3/25/2013 c1 3Faye-Faye14
I loved this. Beautifully done!

Thanks for sharing!
3/10/2013 c1 dickless
Oh my God. The beauty of this took away my ability to say or properly type how amazing, flawless and wonderful this is. Thank you!
3/6/2013 c1 35JinnySkeans
How did I miss this? It's awesome! :)

First off I agree with you completelyyyy about people who whine about pairings. If you don't like a character, why go out of your way to read a story about them? Call a wah-mbulance. People just like to bitch for no goddamn reason.

Anyway yes this story is (naturally) gorgeous. I love your style. I love present tense stories and yours flows so well. Its hard to write Sasuke well, but this was fabulous. You got him right. He's not evil for the sake of being evil, he's just a fucked up, flawed character who never knows if what he believes is right. You wrote his bonds to team 7 well, too. I loved it.

The manga has been dragging lately, I'm really mainly focused on when Sasuke will wake the fuck up , so it's great reading a story that expounds on the most exciting manga chapter in the last year. It's a beautiful style and a fresh new perspective and I'm in love. Thank you for this gorgeous story, you're amazing!
2/23/2013 c1 2LunaBianca
I like the feeling of this piece, but I can't embrace Sauske. Or, rather, I can't accept that after all that's happened to Team 7 in the last three years Sauske can still claim to know Sakura or that somehow Sakura still wants to "follow him into the dark."

A pairing hang up of mine, I guess. Somehow SakuNaruSasu works for me, but even hinted SakuSasu feels over-the-top masochistic and degrading.
2/19/2013 c1 5Pricililica
2/18/2013 c1 2JustALittleTwisted
Nice and dark. I'd love to see a continuation for this.
2/18/2013 c1 1Details
gUH. i love this so much. damn you sasuke and your broken, introspective self.
2/17/2013 c1 2kuromimi
Freakin.. Dark and angsty[whichisnotaword] LOL!

I can feel like he's hiding behind a veil and he so desperately needs someone to lift it off him...
beautiful drabble

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