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for Great Mystery Revealed(Hiatus)

11/18/2018 c6 Kelly
Next chapter please
12/17/2017 c6 Guest
Next chapter please
11/30/2015 c5 pokeshipper00
Wow!so good! Love it stories and make more pls! BTW my OC is a girl the age of Misty and Ash called Maddie. She is cool, loves music and wants to be a DJ. She is Cynthia's best friend and asked to join Team Rocket so she could travel farther and pursue her musical dream. She is never seen without her headphones and has bright yellow hair worn in a sleek, smooth bob that makes her small nose, thin lips and bright green eyes and out even more. She becomes friends with Ash and co and even starts to develop a crush on him, but she is waaaay too cool to admit it. She also makes James, Butch and even Meowth goe bonkers when she's near, but still keeps her cool even when one of them asks her out with puppy dog eyes. O hope u like her and use her in the story! From pokeshipper00 ;-)
11/27/2015 c6 Eaglescout174
udusudlldmdjdjxjdnd update
8/21/2015 c6 Guest
why has there not been a chapter 7 yet?
8/2/2015 c6 39Peter Bolton
This is a great story please continue
5/12/2015 c6 That one guy
Continue the STORY PLEASE!
1/7/2015 c6 coolchick87
I love your story please update it
12/20/2013 c6 HckrGrl19
Good story but I think it's a bit too rushed. Slow it down a bit and update soon please!
3/4/2013 c1 Guest
it was fantastic
2/12/2013 c6 gen x
not bad
1/24/2013 c6 luger 7
A most excellent fanfic. Rock on, dude.
1/24/2013 c1 29Screaming Dean
I'm happy to see you're doing so well. Keep up the good work.
1/23/2013 c6 1Sir Thames
Interesting writing, mate. Carry on.
1/23/2013 c1 Sir Thames
Good story, mate. Carry it on.
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