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3/14/2013 c2 18Nightingale63
Wow. You really go into depth, showing how awful it is to be slushied, locker slammed, and then subjected to being in a dumpster full of smelly trash. It's amazing how strong Kurt really is, that he doesn't give up or just try not to be a target. He's strong, but his strength just isn't of the obvious sort.
I like how Finn is when he rescues him, and their conversation. Finn acknowledges past wrongdoing, and we see that he wants to do more.
Poor Kurt's day sounds so tiring; torture at school, then laundry and cooking, in addition to usual things like homework, presumably.
And that dream: it comes back to him, haunting as ever.
3/14/2013 c1 Nightingale63
Great start! And Blaine is literally Kurt's teenage dream here (an interesting twist).

I like the realism of how you show Burt to be so hard-working, and also full of concern for his son. And perceptive: he puts two and two together, knows that the unexpected laundry is a sign. And he sees it that Kurt will probably have to leave Ohio to be happy in the long run; a thought that fills him with pain.

Kurt's dreams of Blaine? Intriguing, to say the least!
1/27/2013 c2 6Sofia Michelle
Wow! Love it! Does Blaine feel and dream te same dreams that Kurt dreams? More ASAP

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