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4/25 c64 GGbaq
Ive been reading this work after many many years and I am glad you are still updating! I like your writing very much. Can I ask for a chapter? It could be a sammy hurt/comfort, big focus on comfort, with his simblings taking care of him. You are amazing!
4/21 c64 2Emma Winchester 424
YOUR DAMN RIGHT KARMA'S NAME IS DEAN WINCHESTER! I love how protective he is of her, it absolutely makes me so happy. This story is so heartbreaking and heartwarming- it's the perfect juxtaposition. And I'm so grateful that we know from your other glorious works that Sam and Kate will make up, otherwise I'd be absolutely begging for them to be okay after that shattering line- "An overworked college student and a phone at the bottom of a pond". Just rip my freaking heart out. You're the absolute best writer on this site and that is a hill I will die on. Brilliant work.
4/14 c63 Emma Winchester 424
Saddle up girls. We ride at dawn to take this asshole out. I just want to punch him so freaking bad. I hope Dean shoots him.
4/11 c62 Emma Winchester 424
Ohhhhhh my god well I wasn't planning on bawling my eyes out on a Thursday night but here we are. You've captured their relationship so beautifully. It gives all the bittersweet but mostly sweet feels and I LOVE IT. Brilliant.
3/6 c64 tamilyn313
I love protective Dean. I would love to see more little Katie chapters.
3/5 c64 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Beautiful! Little punk is lucky to still be breathing. Kate and Sam will work it out down the road, but in the meantime, she has her overprotective, loving eldest brother to take care of her and he will, at any cost.
3/4 c64 Lajoci
Good ole Dean! Hate Sam didnt answer but so glad Dean was there for her! Happy to see Lucas pay (sonewhat) and the panic in his eyes! Great chapter
3/4 c63 9deansgirl19467
Thanks for updating today though I missed your other updates from not following this story! I forgot to follow this story that I read about two years ago for when you update so I can get this in my email but it's not too late to follow it today. Yup...definitely following this today. You would have had many more reviews if it had not been for that. I looked at my favorites list and saw that you updated today and was like why am I not following that story seeing as I didn't get a notification in my email that a new chapter had been posted. Please don't give up on this story because of that.
2/27 c63 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Omg Kate :( Lucas has no idea what he just did, Dean is going to make sure he understands how wrong it is to do that to ANY young lady, especially a Winchester and Deans baby sister. I love those last 2 sentences, especially the last one!
2/24 c63 4Nevertoomany
Aww poor Katie! I’m glad she was able to fight that jerk off, but sad that she got traumatized in the process. So glad Dean will be there to save the day! Can’t wait for part two!
8/27/2023 c62 Nevertoomany
I love this! Good on Kate for making the leap to living on her own, I’m sure that was hard for her to adjust to! And good job to Dean for letting her do it haha. Great chapter!
4/23/2023 c61 Nevertoomany
This was such a fun chapter! I always love to see a kick ass Kate haha. I can imagine just how Dean would react to hearing what happened, and it was a good thing he wasn’t there in person! You did great on portraying the scum bag, too, I could really picture him! Great job!
4/23/2023 c60 2Emma Winchester 424
This one absolutely breaks my heart in the best of ways. Like I hate John Winchester, I hate what he did to his kids and how he treats them. I hate that Dean always takes the brunt of his wrath. But at the same time, the love and devotion that the siblings share with each other in this is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Would that all siblings were like this. Thank you for making a world where family cares and loves about each other, and for letting us into that world. You are amazing and I am grateful every day for you.
4/23/2023 c61 Emma Winchester 424
You never cease to amaze me. You can take the simplest plot line, give great direction to anyone lucky enough to write with you, and always turn it into a phenomenal story with heart, humor, pathos, and just a darn good time. Completely in character and always true to the heart of the story. It's a privilege to write with you, my friend. Thank you for continuing to make these characters come to life.
4/23/2023 c61 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Scumbag got exactly what he deserved, Dean would have done more damage if he'd heard the crap he was spewing. Glad Kate has learned well from her big brothers on how to handle herself.
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