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for Growing up, Winchester Style

4/7/2018 c48 MariaKata
Great story! I especially loved the chapter 16 where Katie got herself troule at school ;) I hope to see those chapters more! Update soon!
4/4/2018 c48 Donny Donowitz
WOW i love this story so much, i always get so excited whenever you post a new chapter! I need moooore! This was so good, wow! Dean and Katie's relationship is so good, i always get so emotional! You're such a fantastic writer, i'm always speechless with every chapter you write
3/31/2018 c48 60singmetothesun
Ahhhhhh I wasn’t expecting to be attacked by a Purgatory chapter! Damn it was so good though, I loved this so much! Will you be doing the reunion with Sammy too? :D
3/31/2018 c48 2Emma Winchester 424
Dude. DUDE. This one. Holy crap.

I love this. The emotions, the rollercoaster of being in Purgatory, the way you brilliantly write about their feelings and surroundings and happenings- it's like we're right there, right alongside them. Your phrasing and imagery are unparalleled. And the way you wove the song through the story is also genius. It's already a beautiful and haunting song, and your story amps it up a hundred fold. Brilliantly done, as always. One of my favorites. Bravo!
3/31/2018 c48 monkeybaby
Good chapter
3/31/2018 c48 3sjwmaw
Great chapter. I love the way both Kate and dean were thinking the same things and having the same hope that they would find each other. And the cute reunion cuddle :) As always, eager for more of your story.
3/16/2018 c47 4Nevertoomany
Loved this chapter so much! You can really tell Dean loves his siblings and would do anything for them. I didn’t want this chapter to end! I would love to see more snippets like this; let me know if you need some ideas!
2/18/2018 c47 2NightWish373
okay so i've read all of these and they are all fantastic. This one is especially cute! Great job with all of these! :)
2/3/2018 c47 Mhw1998
I just started reading this book a few days ago and fell in love with it. I love Kate’s relationship with her brothers, specifically with Dean! Such a great story!
1/27/2018 c47 Guest
This was such a cute chapter! Love these guys! Thanks for the update!
1/26/2018 c47 3sjwmaw
Great chapter. I just love how you portray Dean’s deep love for his siblings. Liked the revelation about Kate’s first kiss too - grounded forever - funny! Always eager for more!
1/26/2018 c47 2Emma Winchester 424
Happy Birthday Katie! I am so proud of you, hon. I am so thrilled that Kate has helped you and gotten you through some tough times. I will always be your cheerleader. Always, Sammy. This story has such a beautiful punch. It’s such a precious memory and important as to how much they all care about each other. What a wonderful moment- and so brilliantly written. You always write something that is so perfect without all the extraneous bull. You’re freaking BRILLIANT.
1/26/2018 c47 monkeybaby
Good one!
1/19/2018 c46 10snn7b
Awww love the ending... Great job...
11/26/2017 c46 4Nevertoomany
This was so cute! The ending was so cute and really showed what the Winchester name means for them. It’s not just a name, but it stands for their unity as a family and their bond. They may not have enough money for anything other than mac and cheese, but they have each other and they’ll all share that memory of the mac and cheese. Loved this! I’m glad you updated! Can’t wait to read more!
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