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1/30/2017 c1 Uknowndeath 2565
to the guest defending the animes that Psykotic Addictions critical about you have to understand that when you put a story in a reality environment(Earth) you can't half ass the realism you have to stay true because Earth and the inhabitants living there has been through a lot a problems A LOT and some people hate generally hate the fact that some organization/person can stomp on 2000 years of experience and get away with it.

and when you make a story that has Earth in it you can't half ass the realism since all readers that read the manga's live on Earth where they grew up on a planet and only stories of people winning all the time and he/she gets the they want in the end is only found in fairy tales.

you can't make up the rules of Earth you do that on your own planet I don't care if you can be "perfect" do that on a planet that is NEW not on an old experienced planet with an equally experienced inhabitant that will challenge your "perfection".

old quote "these scientist say we are the apex predator but that means we are animals, they are wrong animals don't fight each other in defense they fight each other because of needs not wants"
3/22/2015 c1 3T51b Moridin
Wow. I actually find these concepts to be rather palatable. Its true that there is few if none about pure cunning and its usually all op levels of plot armor and reality marble bs. Hell its funny because a lot of people even try to bring down the serious levels of Op that characters have in these series. It doesn't work but its the thought that counts? XD Anyways I most definitely approve of this idea and will try to share it with other prominent writers that I enjoy reading. I personally am not a capable writer or simply can't get the mental push needed to do so. Verily I will spread this to others ot make better more interesting fictions.
6/13/2013 c1 1Ruler of Existance
I agree with you on the whole 'Humanity is weak because their humans' shit. I don't blame the authors, just the ideas they come up with like how I used to be a huge fan of Bleach until Ichigo becomes a shinigami, hollow, fullbringer, Quincy hybrid...thingy and most action animes in general show humanity was the weakest possible enemy to fight. Also, have you heard of an anime called Black Lagoon, its interesting since it shows humans doing rather awesome feats thanks to skill and training. Some feats are not as human but they mostly kept to the human thing pretty well. Is there any way from me to make some possible changes where a lone human can beat a nonhuman in a certain situation like surviving a zombie apocalypse? Not saying I will make a story, just throwing a possible idea for later.
5/27/2013 c1 Biggums
Not that I disagree with most of your points, but I do feel that I must point out that the number of people who go missing is pretty large even with all our technological, forensic and societal advancement. In the UK alone 210,000 go missing every year.

In regards to Nasu's work and Bleach, those two get away with the crap they pull via dint of the story. How can you track down a ghost? And most times Hollow apparently eat souls and each other, not humans.
As for Nasu, it's similar but pretty distinctly not our earth, so how knows, maybe Secret Intelligence Organizations aside from the Magus based ones may not exist.

Otherwise, it's an interesting premise, and I do find the fact people defeat these amazing enemies by simply being more amazing to be as uncreative as all heck.
4/7/2013 c1 84MadHat886
I took up your challenge in writing a fic where muggle weapons and normal humans are shown to be able to fight against superpowers. In my case ninjas and demons in my fic, Roman Fox. Please read it and tell me what you think of it.
3/27/2013 c1 Gazing Eye
I may not be able to write a story good enough to do this, but thanks for the story recommendations :D ill be reading those for a while :D
3/4/2013 c1 Guest
So essentially your looking for 'Badass Normal' characters?

So like for example in Bleach after getting critisized for having no powers; "I've got an uzi rechambered for 10mm bullets, 20 very large clips double taped to eachother for said uzi, a very sharp knife, and enough C4 and grenades to level a small mansion estate to the ground. I think I'm ready enough. And judging by Rukia's reaction to the living world, any shinigami stupid enough to get in my way is in for a very nasty surprise!"
2/11/2013 c1 Guest
V that's because, as far as japanese media is concerned, the antagonistic non-humans are either A) Inhuman monsters barely above animals (Vajra, space monster) B) Incomprehensible Enitities/ supercreatures (Godzilla/ NGE angels) or C) so implausibly full of themselves, its hilarious and cartoonic.

Barring the latter, there is hardly any "i'm so superior" aliens found in the west; mostly due to some japanese culture postering about humility/ showing very little about yourself- that's where the "Now-I'll-show-you-my-true-power" thing comes from. Of course, the above (barring the king of monsters) all get get their asses hand to them by the human/part-human protagonist, usually accompanied with some epic speech about (insert good things about humanity here).

The other non-humans either get intrigued by humanity (Kaworu Nagisa) or slowly becoming human-like in character development (Rei,Yuki). And the friendly non-humans are usually girls- the protagonist falls in love with one of them. Japanese supernatural fiction is full of them; the kitsune famously transforms into a girl and beds a man. They're usually portrayed as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives.

And finally, a good chunk of popular sci fi anime hardly involve non-humans. They're usually human vs human conflicts or some sort of deep humanistic analysis of the characters and motivations.

Otherwise, the arrogant aliens are defeated thanks to a team of humans and their cool machine(s), backed and trained by humanity. (from Spacebattleship Yamato to Voltes V to Getter Robo to NGE and beyond)
2/10/2013 c1 lazorboy96
go to freeform rpg sites
see all the furry/mary-sue/weeaboo characters
make normal human
automatic plot derail like no tomorrow.
Some how, being a normal human derails plot better than trolling. /tg/ says so.

Anyways, yes, we do need more stories like the ones you describe. Mainly cause most of the stories here aren't quality. (I know you weren't point them out for quality) The ones that are HFY are usually found in the sci-fi area. Barely any in anime & manga.
2/7/2013 c1 Guest
Of the Bleach characters, it needs to be said: they're psychopomps. They ferry the souls of the dead and lead them to the afterlife. One must wonder if the gotei 13 has overseen every war humanity ever had in the past 2000 years. The last century alone has over 80 million dead in its wars. So they cant be behind on modern warfare. Today's conflicts see thousands die minimum. Hollows forming during these conflicts are practically inevitable.

On Hiroshima and Nagasaki: in your fic you had the gotei 13 running scared because of the nuclear retaliation. Does this mean the souls of those killed on August 6 and 9 never made it Soul Society? Because if the the souls of those that died there are walking the streets of the rukongai or part of the seireitei's ranks...
2/7/2013 c1 Guest

Rosariovampire canonically has yokai already hiding because of humanity being tough as nails as they come. (This also causes the blatant racism of the yokai)
Nasuverse, I already explained.
Bleach is a complicated matter. See, the average person does matter in Bleach. You have to be dead first. That's where all the hollows and soul reapers come from.

I am not nor gonna complain about mary sues. That is simply the desperate desire of escapism by FF writers wishing to be something more with characters they have identified with. In all honesty, the sheer number of sue fics implies that, deep down, we simply wish to be more than just average. Or significant. Even average person will look extraordinary when placed in a cast full of supers.

I'm sorry if this offends you in anyway. Believe me, I'm as big as a believer in "humans are warriors" as much as the next guy.(Though /tg/' take on it serious pisses me off) I'm just putting these thoughts up here.
2/7/2013 c1 Guest
To be honest, a lot of the stuff you find illogical ARE the conventions of fiction.

Yes there is now way supernaturals could have gone on as a secret but that is the demand/requirement of the Urban fantasy genre, where in order to interact with supers and still remain to true to the real world (at least make it feel that the protagonists are the only people to have stumbled on to or is already part of, the secret), a "masquerade" has to be implemented.

Let say Fiction X has aliens live amongst us undetected when really it should. From an in universe point of view, they must be really good at hiding. From an out of universe point of view, the author doesn't want to derail the story he had intended.

I could give reasons for why their masquerades haven't been broken but that would push this into speculation and giving powers and competence that canon does not support very well; that's cheating you.

Tite Kubo and Akihisa Ikeda are NOT military strategists or politicians (for the former , seriously, look at the page for "What an Idiot" on TVTropes) . They are authors who only have 2 obligations: to tell a story and to entertain. The characters talk about their powers to enemies because audience wants to what power Character X. (Naruto gives it some thought though: the characters have to figure out their enemies powers, sometimes on the spot, in order to beat'em)
Some other Authors may give it an extra mile or so, but really there is no obligation for them to do so; And sometimes, realism hurts Fiction's ability to "pull us out of the drearyness of real life."

Ancient fights were NOT sword vs sword battles, more like pikeman group vs pikeman group. Half the reason we see Bleach and RosarioVampire is for the fights. While not what we do in real life, the fights look cool and awesome and that is the appeal of these "Classical Shonen", Doylist-wise. It's about heroes, glorious fights, exaggerated over-the-top shenanigans and what-not.

In my opinion, Urban fantasy writers simply need to up their ante. They either need to give supernaturals greater hiding powers (handwave) or better ways to implement the conventions of the genre. That said, I would really like see what Supernatural warfare would actually be like. No, not about humans with guns and powers, but on how species x would approach industrialized war; their tactics, the kind of weapons they'd use, how can they implement their powers better, and importantly for me, the history of their warfare.

Part 1 of 2
2/1/2013 c1 8psykotic addiction
The the guest that recently commented:

You raise a few good points, but they aren't entirely accurate.

To begin with, I've watched all the series that I listed. Compared to what any decent investigation team can do, no one in any of those series simply can't have lasted that long in secret. To start with, any time a monster killed a human and physically made contact with said human, they would've left some of their residue on the body, which would've been found and studied by the people who do body autopsies. Additionally, the entire human race was paying some attention to the school shooting in the U.S. that killed 20 kids and 6 adults. Despite that, I'm supposed to believe that a monster can arrange for dozens of humans to die or disappear, and the most that would happen on the human's part is a half-assed police investigation?

Then there's the fact that no matter how tight a system you set, not everyone will be following it. Who really believes that monsters can live all over the world, and not one time has anyone f*cked up on accident? You can make a perfect system, but eventually someone is going to mess up big. Normally I'd call this 'human error'
but since I'm not referring to humans... well you get the picture. Eventually someone, somewhere, will have an accident, and no amount of cover ups can fix it before national governments start getting involved.

Bleach: A world where spirits of the deceased still maintain physical forms, but they can't be seen by normal people due to being made of spiritual energy. It IS possible to fight these guys without needing super powers and such. For one, when people here the word 'fight' they automatically think it has to be a head up death match. It can just as easily be pulling a 'joker' and paying a guy to bring a cup of sulfuric acid to someone as drinking water. It's called fighting dirty. Let me give you an example.

During world wars 1 and 2, Nazi Germany employed a particularly brutal tactic where they would find an enemy position and lob mustard gas at them, blinding and suffocating all the people who were directly exposed to it. While that was happening, they'd send in troops with gas masks who would storm forward and kill the posioned enemy soldiers while being protected from the gas itself. Then they took it a step further and started using gas that killed you within minutes of inhaling it. This was so devestating that it became the predominant reason that biochemical warfare as a whole was banned. Even so, we still immitate that tactic with less lethal things, such as tear gas. Anything that breathes air is vulnerable to biochemical warfare, and as I've seen, despite being ghosts, Bleach characters do in fact breathe air. And most biochemical weapons can be made into the forms of handheld gas grenades or alternatively placed inside missiles so that when they explode, they make a cloud of the stuff. Agent Orange, White Phosphorus, Mustard gas, Ricin, most nerve agents, and lewisite are several bioweapons that I currently know of that would more than likely kill or debilitate any bleach character depending on how they're exposed to it (e.i. inhaling some of it or having a full canister of it blow up in their face).

Rosario Vampire: Simply put, a succubus and a snow girl had a brawl in the middle of a human city, where there could be all sorts of automated cameras or people who happened to be near a window, and their punishment for doing so is simply being sent back to school. They weren't chewed out for the fact that they may have just endangered lives of millions of monsters across the globe, they just got sent back to school. That alone disproves any competency or intelligence on the monsters part that their secret was kept by their own efforts. It's infinitely more likely that the Japanese government knew all along but didn't take any action for whatever reason.

Besides that though, monsters are all about species powers. They don't know anything about how to fight a war, and that's apparent in how they interact. Sure, they can apparently manage to impersonate gangs, but they never show any tactical knowledge. The only instance I've ever seen to imply otherwise was a double ganger who claimed to have mastered every form of martial arts there was (despite only using a handful of actual moves, all of them basic stuff that a yellow belt would know). Even then, he was more than a little close minded himself.

Youkai don't know anything about synergy or coordinating with each other, despite having all the peices there to use it. Their logic to fighting is simply go straight and if anything gets in your way, beat it up and keep moving. If they took this logic against any organized military, they'd get routed and picked apart in less than a year.

Nasuverse: Here's the only one of the stories listed that actually sounded legit to me in its logic. It wasn't until I was deep into the story that I started getting even somewhat critical about it. The one thing that made me critical about the Nasuverse was just how many normal people were dying and how unresponsive the normal people were to it. In Fate/Zero easily hundreds of people are murdered, child serial killers are running around, buildings get knocked down, and a creature that looks like a cross between a starfish and Cthulu shows up and attracts military jets to fight it. The explanation that the government was being controlled was somewhat acceptible, but not enough to really sell me. Afterall, when this many things start to happen at once in the same city, all within a few months, the entire planet will be looking down on them with a microscope. Countries from the other side of the world will be investigating as to what's going on.

More than that, if all the important people in the government keep sweeping this stuff under the rug, then they'll eventually be ejected out by the unmanipulated people, or are put under the ire of the public when they realise that their own government aren't doing anything to protect them. Magi can't keep supressing that problem by hypnotizing a few government officials every now and then. If thousands of people who lost loved ones from the 4th grail war start yelling about why they aren't being protected, the government doesn't have the option to blow them off like most would believe. They either find an excuse that can't be picked apart to the bone or wind up with a lot of people getting booted out while everyone else is put under review for fraud or conspiracy. To be fair though, this was a minor complaint of mine, as I was delving deep into political mechanics when I started to research why modern governments can't make such large scale cover ups.

Also, there's been a misunderstanding from many of my readers. The above statements are literally all I had against the nasuverse. The magi were assholes, but understandably so. The Church were a group of badasses. The overall show avoided that fight manga pitfall of having everyone explain their abilities to their opponents (except when it was absolutely necessary to find out what was going on). Aside from the mechanics and issues that would go with mannipulating a government to go against it's people's safety, the nasuverse checked out fine.

And finally, it's very possible to have a character who can fight monsters and spirits without becoming a mary-sue. A mary sue is a character with virtually no character flaws. They're good at fighting, have a heart of gold, can attract multiple lovers with ease, and they're extremely intelligent. In other words, they're unrealisticly perfect people. Simply being profficient in killing things doesn't make you a mary-sue. If that was the case then every main character in action games would be a mary-sue, and I can make a list of characters who are good at killing but you would certainly never want to be like or around under any circumstance.
2/1/2013 c1 Guest
And besides, the idea that the hero is part supernatural is staple in Human fiction since... ever. Even Odysseus was a descendant of Athena.
2/1/2013 c1 Guest
And Finally, its pretty hard for an ordinary person to beat a monster without some skill or equipment. On the equipment part, your average guy needs a licence, at least some states, and money. Your typical fictional monster by default in most fiction is probably immune to bullets, meaning you need to exploit it natural weakness or you need heavy weaponry, in which case just involve the military/police already and be done with it. More if its about skill, then make him a MMA Champ and just curbstomp the SOB. Both would be a very unsatisfying very fast, unless its a one-shot.

On the hand, assuming its 21st century, a monster would genre savvy enough to take precautions and training, considering we have movies and tv about humans beating monster, you'd they'd be wiser, but postmodernism never happens, right?

And if its about humans all over finding out about shit, just remember what I said above and remember "that the need will force you to eat pies." They had to be sharp, y'know.
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