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for Shroud of Darkness 1: Sera

1/28/2014 c8 Apache27
Liked the story hope to see a sequel soon :)
4/13/2013 c1 tuxjim
Well, for myself, I'm on tenterhooks waiting until I can flip forward and get to the next chapter...and believe me, those bloody hooks HURT!

Seriously, though, I'm trying to get caught up on my emails, and this is the next 'thing' to clear up in my in box...and I have watched Teen Titans in the past, so I;m always eager to read a good story about them.

Also, thank you for writing what would seem to be a good 'alternative' to the usual Rave/Starfire "fluff" stories or the angsty ones where they love each other but not enough for Star to let Robin go and be with Raven...I've had just about all I want to of THOSE...

From what I;ve read so far, I can predict that this one will be going on my "favorite"-s list, but I don't need to add you to my authors' list...since you're already there,

Ja ne for now.

2/17/2013 c7 217Goth Albino Angel
You just pulled a classic Angel. Bring back the dead. This chapter was like, hella fine, I swear. She fought her mentor, her mother, her comrades and I LOVE the new look! You sir are aa genius. I can't wait to read what's next.
2/13/2013 c8 2Kigo4evR
Omg now I gotta start working on my fic!
2/13/2013 c8 discb
Can't wait to see where the saga goes. Very glad that Robin isn't tagging along.
2/9/2013 c7 Kigo4evR
Wow good chap!
2/5/2013 c7 discb
Cliché? Very. Bad? Nope.

So if Sera Treshkar sei Areus is the only drayvern/angel hybrid, is Raven a pure angel or does she get to keep her demonic powers? Granted I'll look dumb with this assumption when it turns out she's still mortal and just gets the eyes from being healed back from death...
2/2/2013 c6 40Concolor44

Somehow I don't think that calling the Seraphs will do them much good at this point.

Also, I'm not too happy with these "Angels". They are not precisely "good" folks. Just who is it they answer to anyway?
2/1/2013 c6 21Talon Earthstone
Oh, I loved that, R2! What an excellent chapter!
2/1/2013 c6 217Goth Albino Angel
Nooo! Oh you demon! You cliffed it! Ugh! I have to know what was happening to Raven. And what's Sera gonna do about it? Is Ares gonna make an appearance?

It's so wonderful of Raven to be so understand. Guess hanging with those Titans all that time taught her something about acceptanc,huh?
2/1/2013 c6 discb
Andddd cue Ares
2/1/2013 c5 RainBlueWater
10 out of 10
2/1/2013 c5 40Concolor44
Umm ... when you say "That's it" ... we sincerely hope you do not mean that is the end of the story! Certainly not unless there is a direct sequel in the offing.

Ares is a very complicated ... individual. Ares/Sera (yeah, yeah, it took me a while) would seem to be one of the most powerful creatures in existence. But with a soft spot.
2/1/2013 c5 2Kigo4evR
Dang. That was good.
1/31/2013 c5 discb
Well, I guess wronged about SerAreS but at the same time this is more promising. It's going to be interesting to see how Rae will explain what she learned to others... Especially if other Angels start to poke around or catch Rae with Ares before the geas is removed (if this happens). Anyway thanks for the update, it was great.

P.S. I can't speak for all your readers but good luck offending me, it's not a small feat.
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