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4/24/2020 c2 Lalala
Its really a good sequel but abandoned...and thats really sad...
7/12/2019 c2 Dontreallyknowtbh
This is a really good fic, and it is truly a shame you abandoned it...
11/10/2018 c1 Dontreallyknowtbh
So... just found out this story is discontinued... Can’t say I’m not annoyed. The idea is brilliant, but if you don’t want to continue to write it I can respect that decision, mourn the loss of an awesome sequel and move on.
8/5/2018 c2 8riptidedarkphoenix
Very interesting. I rarely get to see elf-harry in Earth, much less in the future after the war.
Looking forward to the next installment.
Keep up the good work!
8/3/2018 c2 Dontreallyknowtbh
Please update it has been 4 years
7/9/2018 c2 Elisa Uzu
Please update please please
5/9/2018 c2 nagi92
I've just discovered this story and the previous one, I hope you'll update one day, but thanks anyway !
4/19/2018 c2 Dezzi95
I really wanna see Ron and Hermione's reaction please :P
4/17/2018 c2 jetman24
I really like this story, I hope it gets updated soon
2/6/2018 c2 Sylphrena33
This is great! I really like where this is going, and I really want to read the rest of this story! You should finish it! I think it has a lot of potential, and I admit that I'm really interested to see where it goes. Update please! :)
12/16/2017 c2 Ai Huiyuan
Nice sequel, I would like to read more, any intention to update soon? Even after four years?
9/11/2017 c2 11flyboy-marine-Harm-Mac 4ever
Please update please please please
8/1/2017 c2 Guest
6/9/2017 c2 Guest
I love this story! It's cool seeing Harry/Tegalad as an adult elf. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/10/2017 c2 BigRayGunMK3
plz update soon
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