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3/11/2015 c1 33Tikatu
The difficulty and goal of a good crossover is merging two or more fandoms together and make the story plausible. This one, I'm afraid, falls very short of that goal.

So, the Tracys live on an island, presumably in the South Pacific, as this is canon for Thunderbirds. How exactly did they get to England? Powered, fixed-wing flight was still in its infancy; to make such a journey would have been remarkable and in all the papers. Most long distance travel was by ship and took weeks! It's just one of the things that make the story so implausible for the Thunderbird fan.

I have the feeling that Scott (and Jeff) are shoe-horned in, with Scott in the role of rescuer. They could easily be replaced with Sam and Dean Winchester or any other modern day hero for all they mean to the plot, not to mention the distinct lack of characterization given.

Your writing is fairly clean, though you could use a refresher on proper dialogue punctuation. You definitely know Downton Abbey quite well. I suggest taking this and perhaps crossing it with a fandom where the chronological and distance differences were not so pronounced. There are a number of mystery stories set in England during this era where you might find a hero who fits better than Scott Tracy.

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