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10/29/2016 c4 Mew Sierra
3/19/2015 c4 Guest
wow really ? did you have writers block or something ?
8/28/2014 c6 2Animefungirl12
Oh mi god. Please update soon. And good luck with becoming a voice actor. I wonder if I can ever get to hear u. Anyeas good luck.
8/28/2014 c5 Animefungirl12
Lol. U actually made them talk like there reading this. Yoru be like dint u read the last chapter. Lol
8/28/2014 c4 Animefungirl12
Dude. This chapter was so funny. Lol.
8/28/2014 c3 Animefungirl12
Lol he was just playing. Lol. I like this.
8/28/2014 c2 Animefungirl12
Oh I like this. Kinda sad about how amid family died. Sad. But now amuto is in the making.
7/22/2014 c6 10black neko hime
Thank you for updating!
I am looking forward to your next chapter.
4/9/2014 c5 5SalteyJam
Oh my Gosh, why is there not more of this?! It's super awesome :) Loving the Ouran reference xx
1/26/2014 c5 KL
Ikuto? Aruto? Somebody Amu hasn't seen in awhile? I dunno...Yoru?
9/9/2013 c5 7SilverInu93
i like it so far
6/25/2013 c5 Koyuki
Keep up the good work - nya
5/13/2013 c5 1KaguratheDangerous
5/2/2013 c5 10black neko hime
I wonder who it is...
Ikuto should take Amu to the party. If the two of them behave well, his dad might let him pass on to the next phase.
4/27/2013 c5 2AmuletAdorable
I really like it XD no joke
Your an awesome writer
And add a soppy amuto moment
Its awesome
Sorry Im hyper
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