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10/10 c17 Jess Tinker
Write- more! Write- more! Write- more! I- will, keep- this, up- 'til, you- do!
10/10 c14 Jess Tinker
I AM LOVING THIS! And I never liked Astrid for some reason, so thankyou. Write more, mabye? I want Hiccster to be happy... (Some movie characters feel like younger siblings to me. Like Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.
10/10 c8 Jess Tinker
This is cool. Write more? Pwetty pwease?
10/16/2020 c17 smc-smfan1
pleeaase finish this story reeaally really want to know the end! I KNOW it's been 7 years but PLEASE TRY to finish this story! will be EXTREMELY grateful! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
8/17/2016 c17 Ghost Dragon Master
Well I am happy that you are good at painting and that you enjoy it. I am hoping that you can continue this fanfic though.
8/17/2016 c4 Ghost Dragon Master
So Astrid breaks up with Hiccup for Snotlout only for him to be banished. Serves that bitch right.
2/21/2016 c17 Jj
Good story even if I was kinda confused at some parts
2/21/2016 c14 1Spartan-A716
Where Chapter 14?
1/21/2016 c17 Almathea99
Hope to read more soon
9/21/2015 c17 4TheSilentFury
WHAT THE HECK I really hate Snotlout for this. He ruined the wedding. Who were thoughts people
5/4/2015 c5 jbrew123
Really seems rushed in chapter 5
6/29/2014 c17 Guest
PLEASE UPDATE! This is a gret story!
5/5/2014 c17 27DualStarduster
Let's see. Payback plan eh? I'm not into the whole revenge thing but explanations I can do.

Well, because of snotlout, he had no friends, because of that he was practically an outcast, saved the village from dragons, got Astrid, found her with Snotlout not a day later, flew to Scotland, found a girlfriend, and crashed their wedding.

Hiccup knows dragons, Snotlout, not so much. Hiccup has a notorious dragon no one would dare fight, He has a dragon that appears every now and then and those usually lose. His dragón is black as night and shoots plasma. Hookfang, is a dragon that barely pays attention to anything and lights itself on fire.

I'd say humiliate him in a dragon competition, have him utterly defeat him in either such a quick motion or a theatrical way it seems ridiculous, or... have Merida take a go, as they say "Hell hath no wrath like a woman once scorned."
4/17/2014 c17 1ActingQueenofFandoms
I love the story, keep writing. I was wondering what happened to chapter 14, I mean I turned from chapter13 and saw it was on 15.
3/29/2014 c9 MelodicPort
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