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10/7 c16 DEF
Amazing story. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/25 c16 Eeyore3061
Ra's knows there is a set of people he and his are not allowed to target (as part of his agreement with his son, Xander) and thus, *who* they are. Batman, IIRC, also knows this information.
So, either the three high level League of Shadows assassin's were briefed on doing no more than ER visit level of damage to Crimson Arana, if/when she showed up or the intelligence had yet to reach the LoS that she was there.

Either way, I can see Ra's instructing Lady Shiva to treat all further interactions with Crimson Arana as no more than testing & teaching sessions.

Now depending on the length of time for Black Canary and Lady Shiva to report in to higher, when Batman calls Ra's, he's either going to get a "I have.." or "I will.." comment on Lady Shiva's future actions.
9/18 c9 Svenion
okay, I may have been hasty on my previous review. I apologize. story angst and life angst kinda synergized and became something more.
9/18 c2 Svenion
praying Xander just kills himself at this point. only an idiot wouldn't realize the consequences of repressing his emotions to this level. I'm sure things will get better later, but this is a huge sea of angst you're asking us to swim thru.
9/2 c15 23Byakugan789
I get buffy being the head of wayne's security team, she's a slayer... but who's Tatsu and what does she have?
8/29 c16 sevae
Little does Batman know but Buffy/Widow should know that Xander/Magneto and betrayal won't end well..
8/29 c16 Mister LaGuardia
Always fantastic to see this updated; with any luck Ra's is going to use this to lure Xander out.
8/29 c16 Raiju001
And the plot thickens! Glad to see a new chapter! Thank you for the story!
8/29 c16 Hadrian.Caeser
8/28 c16 3The Richmaster
Fun chapter; I especialy liked the roy interactin
8/28 c16 luther10120111
It's been a whole I'll have to reread but I did like seee the meec lady Shiva (can't remember to spell right ) and I do love copperhead. I'm now remembering their was a female copperhead at one point lol. Good chapter can't wait to see more of yoyr fics.
8/28 c16 1Abyss Trinity
Awesome chapter and thanks for updating :) I read a Magneto vs Flash article debate and it broke down that Magneto could defeat the Flash. The energy that the Flash uses is magnetic and electric in nature, its possible that Magneto can manipulate the Speed Force. A DC villain with similar powers to Magneto did it before but that villain is way weaker than Magneto. Magneto is capable of Omega level feats and his potential is stated to be beyond omega level given the nature of Magneto's powers.

I'm glad that this is not abandoned, It would be ironic if Xander's future children are the same as Magneto's. This chapter has Buffy with more room to grow, will there be any more Marvel stuff?
8/8 c2 0vrLrd71
dammit, And I liked Willow, too bad she is becoming more like Emma (and while I dont hate her cant say I like Emma)
8/8 c1 0vrLrd71
Dammit, I posted it earlier than meaning but anyways I kinda dread Willow turning into a second Emma... kinda sucks she had to choose her
8/8 c1 0vrLrd71
Yknow, Magneto is quite the genius himself...
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