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10/4/2021 c24 LavaLilly
I knew that note was gonna bite him in the ass! Though that is one way to rewrite ROTG, is this not a roundabout or what? All those hidden references were very sneaky I will admit.
10/4/2021 c18 LavaLilly
Wait what is the plan, I don't think I got that part! What are they doing?!
5/19/2021 c24 Courtney Elizabeth1
Wow niceee but how are they staying alive ?
5/15/2021 c4 Courtney Elizabeth1
So he did wanna suicide ?
5/15/2021 c3 Courtney Elizabeth1
Thanks for clearing it up. A death story actually would probably work with him maybe coming back. But suicide just hmmm we didn’t get enough backstory for it to have been suicide and yer.
This way u done it tho now sounds good. Seems real interesting.
5/15/2021 c2 Courtney Elizabeth1
I don’t get it ? So is this gonna be two sides all the time to this story ?
Which happened he suicided or this is the truth ?
Second part is the best Aster and Jack
5/15/2021 c1 Courtney Elizabeth1
Oh my gosh he gonna suicide... noooo
2/11/2021 c9 3Aerrow4Ever
I completely love that the elves are ferrets...we have 3 and it COMPLETELY fits them hahaha!
5/24/2019 c24 30KitoH
The past few chapters were so well written, I got an adrenaline rush from just reading them!
And the ending is so satisfying. Of course they wouldn’t leave. They have too much to bare to leave behind.
I will definitely be reading this again and reviewing on all the chapters and I will definitely be checking out your other stories!
5/23/2019 c14 KitoH
I lost it when Aster said “It’s a part time job.” And how Jack’s dad just went with it!:D
However you managed to completely flip my mood with that last bit!
Enjoying this loads!
12/5/2018 c24 Guest
Thank you! This story was a great read! Keep it up!
12/14/2017 c18 Guest
Wasn't it Jared or something like that?
11/17/2017 c24 Layla206
I really liked this! I shall now read the sequel
11/17/2017 c19 Layla206
9/30/2017 c1 5WinterCrystal1009
I'm officially lost now xD I hope Aster saves him or something. I came from Runaway so I just skipped most of this lmao
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