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7/30/2017 c2 BuckyBarnes07
I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.
7/30/2017 c1 BuckyBarnes07
That was so sad and beautiful, I loved it.
9/16/2016 c1 22DarylDixon'sLover
This made me cry. I really hope Bucky and Alison reunite with each other.
7/28/2014 c2 8Elephantsneedwater
Great start to your story! You know what I find hilarious? I have a Beagle and her name is Shelby, too! The prologue has me interested on what the official story will be. Looking forward to that!
2/4/2014 c1 rajincajun
can you do another story with Bucky and Allison please? I'm already in love with her character.
9/30/2013 c2 2A Darker Heaven and Hell
Is Bucky in it?
9/30/2013 c1 Guest
D': So depressing! I'm in love with him.
9/16/2013 c1 Guest
7/31/2013 c1 15ym4yum1
"Don't flatter yourself I was just being nice sweetheart." (This is PERFECT Bucky! lol!)

"A woman who likes to eat, are you sure you aren't after my heart Allie?" (OMG! This is Bucky!)

"Fair enough, most men wouldn't admit the last part." (Exactly, he's cocky but he is adorable! lol)

"I'm beginning to realize that I'm going to war. Actual war, I mean basics is one thing but at least there they weren't trying to kill me. And I can't help but wonder if my buddy Steve will be alright on his own. He doesn't know how to back down from a fight. A little guy like him could get himself hurt pretty bad or worse killed if he stood up to the wrong guy. I guess all these thoughts I normally brush off are coming more often because I am realizing I could actually die over there." His honesty made her pause. (This is beyond perfect - inside of his head, and his heart.)

"He couldn't stop kissing her, she had become his drug his life line" (wow! Their love was amazing. Not enough words.)

And now I'm crying... the good cry... the one that means all... Sorry I can't write more...
Thank you for writting this...
xxoo Mari
7/23/2013 c1 1Bloody Rice Ball
Hey can ya update this when th sequel up, thank you. Anywho update soon please.
7/17/2013 c2 SheCap
I wish she could have been with him in the future, or present day for us, but I am excited to see a father/daughter relationship between Bucky and his grandchild. It would be fantastic if she, worked for S.H.E.I.L.D. and he recognized her as a mini copy of Allie.
6/16/2013 c1 13Carlypso
This was a very cute story! Loved it!
3/17/2013 c1 frostivy
Oh my god, I cried. That was really .. beautiful! Is that the right word for it?
Gahh! I'm a sobbing mess ar the moment.
I can't get rid of all of these feels I have bundled up.
BUCKYY! She's married now! And she's robably dead by the time you meet Steve again!
This kind of reminded me of Titanic but a shorter and different version of that.
It's really good. Even better that it's a oneshot.
2/9/2013 c1 Lexicon04
I cannot stop reading this story, over and over again. I like Allie's character and how she has just the right amount of fire. Her and Bucky's chemistry is apparent from the start and very believable, unlike some other Bucky/OC stories I've read. And the lemon parts are actually well-written, the emotion is just amazing, and there is no OOCness at all. Gosh, I just love this :) Thank you so much.
2/1/2013 c1 13StargateFFWriter
Interesting story but sad. In canon, Bucky ends up wth Natasha when he gets unprogrammed from being the Winter Soldier. Noted that the names Noah and Allie are the same as a couple from a Nick Sparks book.

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