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for Happy ever after

6/9/2015 c6 heynaya10
Heey, love this fic. Naya in Devious Maids is giving me so many domestic godess Santana feels, ugh! please please update this story :))
3/28/2014 c6 Gleefreak15
Great story I love it. I think you should do a chapter of a family vacation. Please update soon.
3/13/2014 c6 jtour
Love this I hope you make more!
3/8/2014 c6 4leilamiranda
I don't know. But I just feel more awful seeing/reading Santana upset than Brittany. Maybe it's because Santana is just too damn adorable when she fake-cries and heartbreaking when she's vulnerable or maybe it's just the fact that the fandom mostly consisted of the Brittany-doormat, Santana-evil (and not the fun or funny kind) type of shippers now so I rarely go to this place anymore. But I did miss you and your stories and I'm glad you updated this one :)
3/7/2014 c1 jtour
Loving the first chapter. I'm excited to read the next ones now!
3/7/2014 c6 Santanalover16
OMG! missed this story so much! so glad you're back. can't wait for more, maybe a little more domestic godess San :)
5/11/2013 c5 leilamiranda
Aww... Fluffy feels! :) I'm glad you're taking a much needed, albeit small, break from your dissertation and school in general. And I'm more glad I get something out of You should do a chapter of stay-at-home-mom!Santana. Or Or just a random normal day with the whole family.
5/10/2013 c4 Guest
You should do one where one of the daughters gets her period. That's be funny
5/10/2013 c5 Guest
I thought they had three kids? Olivia, Juliet and Rosie? But it was about as if there were only two here? I wonder if they've ever considered at least using Brittany's eggs for the pregnancy. I know Jules is supposedly blonde, so maybe she was? Or maybe it was just the donor they used? It was nice that the subject of Brittany carrying was addressed, but the fact that it was confirmed that Brittany sometimes gets questions about it, I was hoping they'd discuss it more, as opposed to it just being her thoughts. Oh well, at least it was addressed some.

Hopefully the fact that it's twins will still work into the plan
5/10/2013 c5 Santanalover16
love this fic! if it's not too much to ask, can you do a chapter more focused on santana as a stay at home mom? i'm just a sucker for that! loved the chapter (:
3/24/2013 c4 leilamiranda
I love how real you captured Santana's emotions. How overwhelmingly happy she was to the point that saying anything at all wouldn't hold justice to what she feels. I specifically love this line: "And yes, she saw not getting pregnant as a personal rejection by a potential baby." Poor Santana. Glad it worked well for them though (Well, duh, they'll be having four children lol).
Sorry I haven't updated yet. I'm planning on writing Brittana fics again soon enough so fingers crossed on that. :D
3/22/2013 c4 jeinn
Really enjoying your story, please continue.
3/22/2013 c4 Guest
I know it's not really fluffy, but considering Santana carried all of the kids and thus they probably look like her, and stays home with them all the time, while Brittany only gets limited time to see them with work, and feels she doesn't know as much about parenting as Santana does (like with the put put), I think it would be interesting to see some insecurity with Brittany about being a mother or the girls thinking of her as a mother. I feel like it's understandable that the mother that didn't carry the baby would have some fears about not being seen as an equal parent by their kid, their partner or outsiders, but add on that Santana is with them all the time, I would think Brittany would have some issues with that. It could be interesting to see someone else question it and get Brittany thinking, or one of the girls innocently says something that hurts her feelings, or if Brittany and Santana are maybe fighting about something about the girls and Santana pulls rank in her anger, I don't know.
2/3/2013 c3 Santanalover16
i'm loving this, it's so cute! please update soon
1/28/2013 c3 leilamiranda
Yay for you considering on continuing this fic! I'm all for fluffs and cuddles and kisses and sloppy proposals.:) I haven't been in ff for a long while. I'm in a Brittana funk since Hemo but idk maybe a couple more fluffy Brittana fics could get me out of it
About the prompts, I haven't got one yet but I'll pm you when something comes up. All I know is the first proposal, the wedding, and planning their first baby are definitely on the top of the list of what I want to see. ;)

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