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for Forget Me Not

6/9/2020 c14 Ducksonparade
This was so good! There were so many moments when I could practically hear the OST from the show. Everything was phenomenal.
2/16/2020 c14 21Psycho Tangerine
This was sweet. I like that it took time for Mako's memories to gradually return.
11/10/2019 c14 Guest
Another amazing story. I think you're my favorite author on this site. That was lovely
6/12/2016 c14 1JasminDragon92
Thank you for writing this beautiful story dear!
(srusly dont know what to write here..all my feels are everywhere! all those beautiful mako x takeru feels that fit into this beautiful story! ALL! THOSE! FEELS!)
7/23/2015 c14 PinkBat7941
Another story that I enjoyed reading...It was a girl! OMG Hehehe,
3/6/2015 c14 29BlueGem22
Awesome and amazing way to finish the story.
I'm glad I stuck and waited for you to finish the story.
Yes, may we meet again one day :) Applaud and cheers :D
3/6/2015 c13 BlueGem22
Amazing chapter. I'm so happy that Mako remember Takeru and to know the reason why she didn't remember him. Loved it.
3/6/2015 c14 1FireHeavenProductions27
That was sooo Beautiful think its the First Fanfic with them with a Baby and i have tears i cried xxx .. every piece of that was beautiful and i just cant speak cause i got tears am all emotionally . Thank you for writing this story it was an emotional but beautiful story in the way it was written and the ideas as always . Now thats over * Secretly hoping for more later on * u finished all Takeru and Mako stories now , Fire&Heaven27 is saaaad. Goes to read all your stories for the 10000000 time x thanks again hun and take care.
3/6/2015 c14 13Seriously Troublesome
Awwww...a fitting end to an awesome story. :)

May we meet again indeed. Cheers!
3/6/2015 c14 carinrina
A baby girl and the best happy ending for them hooray!
Thank you for your update and the very interesting story.
May we meet again
3/4/2015 c13 1FireHeavenProductions27
I new as soon as Mako felt Sick what it was , that was soo beautiful i new the reason she couldnt remember Takeru was cause it was the last thing she thought , always did because that line chilled me just like the first chapter i remember when i first read it and how i felt so this was a bit of a trip down memory lane . One thing thats confused me, Is this a New Baby or the same one, cause it sounds like the same one but if its the same one Cause Mako forgot about her why did the doctor say they had lost the Baby ?

Its amazing way to finish the story off very strong and impacted but that part has been confused.
3/4/2015 c13 carinrina
Aw...I'm so so happy for both of them. This is lovely.
So that the reason why she can't remember takeru. And now she pregnant Again...it the best
Thank you for updating...will be waiting for the next chapter
3/4/2015 c13 13Seriously Troublesome
AWESOME! This is so awesome. Making Mako remember by making her take that one teensy weensy sentimentally valuable thing: the pregnancy test paper!

HURRAH! You rock MidnightRosebud! You ROCK I TELL YOU!

Ahem. Sorry for the...mortifying display of happiness...it's just I was so excited! Things have finally come to a close up. (Frowns) But the story had to end.

Ah who cares! You will come up with more awesome stories in the future, I just know it!

I will say this; your stories rock. Don't say no or I will do what I said. (grins) Cheers!
3/4/2015 c12 Seriously Troublesome
It's nice to see this chapter. Very enjoyable. And don't doubt yourself whether it really was enjoyable because I love this chapter.

Nice touches of humor. I laughed my head off in certain parts. (Grins as she thinks of Ryuunosuke dancing with an old lady.)

I hope to see the story's ending soon.
All the best!
3/1/2015 c12 1FireHeavenProductions27
AWWW ! that was sooo beautiful / frustrating at the same time . Really loved this chapter thanks hun :D and wow only one wahhhh dont want it to end
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