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for Ceteris Paribus

10/28/2020 c19 Bazila Altaf
I love this story . It was awesome
11/7/2019 c19 Guest
That was simply terrific. I so want to see this as a movie. Maybe not with the same names because copywrite BUT change the names and this would be an AMAZING screenplay oh my god. Just perfect
3/1/2018 c19 10Raiyah 27516
I liked this story.
It was well developed and entretaining, I enjoyed the characterizations and the plot though I don't ship the pairings.
6/13/2016 c19 1JasminDragon92
guuh...right in the heart */o/*
Thank you for writing this amazing story with our favorite characters/couples! i just..wow..i loved it from start to end, not being able to stop reading once i started.
Really! Thank you for writing this dear.
7/23/2015 c19 PinkBat7941
Got to tell you that I love this story, I love your ideas about this couple there very creative! they are one of my favorite couples and just wondering are you really from Japan? :3 :3 -Love your fics..
-Matsuri7941 3
5/4/2015 c19 So Kawaii Cute
So kawaii! (that's Japanese for cute by the way). This story is amazing. You should do a sequel or something
1/15/2015 c19 12Elves of the Moon
I almost read this in one go, so captivated was I by your story. You had my apt attention with every twist of plot and the beautiful portrayal of the Shinkengers in this alternative universe. Thank you very much for writing and sharing Ceteris Paribus.
8/7/2014 c19 293Mara Greengrass
Oh my lord, this is SO amazing. I was supposed to be asleep an hour and a half ago, but I just couldn't stop reading.

I love...geez, everything about it. I love how the characters are themselves even in this AU and the relationships building up and...yeah, everything.
5/1/2014 c19 1Optima99
It's a very nice story. It appears everything is falling into place for the good guys and I would like to hope that the future is bright for everyone. The emotional ride was pretty interesting and I really liked how you conveyed Mako's feelings through everything. Though Mako and Kotoha may no longer have royalty under their name, at least they have a second chance to live out their lives their way. Job well done!
4/28/2014 c19 7crimeofimagination
You are amazing! I could never write like this- something so creative!
Keep doing what you're amazing at, because you never know where you'll go.
shreya27r :)
4/26/2014 c19 yoeda
Thank you so much for this beautiful story.
You always made great stories. You really are talented, you know! Thanks God that you love Mako-Takeru pairing so I can read this kind of lovely story about this pairing.
Since "Veneer" I always read your fanfictions, and I am your fan! So, I'll be waiting for your next story.
Good luck with everything your doing right now!
4/24/2014 c19 21SoTiredBlah
I have this bad habit of reviewing for the first few chapters and coming back for the last one... my bad.

It's been a great ride, reading this from when it started to now when it ends. Honestly, the plot was superb, the writing was evoking, everything was spot on as usual.

Thanks for another great story! Looking forward to your next chapters in your fanfictions!
4/23/2014 c19 fxiong89
Out of all the Takeru and Mako story I read from you, I have to say this is one of the best of the best story you wrote. I can say that you really took the time to write this. I bet it was really hectic to write this because I know you probably have alot of things to do in your everyday life. Your very creative with this story and I am big fan of the tv show. Keep up the good work and I hope later on to read new story you wrote. Take all the time you need and thank you for this story :)
4/23/2014 c19 1FireHeavenProductions27
:)! Your very welcome, thank you for updating so fast, ! Kaoru's meeting the Princesses love that scene , you felt the power from her to go with Mako's protectiveness of Kotoha ;)!

* Your right i didnt like the King's ending , you made me hate him soo much and then he died soo easy but then , it also shows how the powerful had fall so easy * UNLESS HES NOT DEAD .. AND HES ACTUALLY ALIVE ! AND WILL BE A THREAT IN THE SEQUEL IS ALIVE


The Reunion was adorable , and then

:) Mako finally got to see Kotoha be happy with Chiaki even though she thought shed never see it omg my heart.

Favorite part has to be the ending which u probably new i couldn't keep still in my seat and My Emotions , the moment she was talking about not thinking she was gonna have a future just OMG, Takeru's actions are perfect. * i love you * OMG MY HEART !

Where do you get your inspiration for your beautiful lines !

THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN FOR WRITING MY FAVORITE STORY * Not including Shinkenger itself of course cause that is My Fav story / show , You loved writing every second , i loved reading every second :)

From the bottom of my heart thank you ! :D
4/23/2014 c18 Shark XD-Blizzard
This was pretty dramatic, considering we don't get much in terms of the siege. It works though, showing how Chiaki and Kotoha develop. We needed more of that to be honest. Also, I commend you greatly for play Kaoru off as Takeru's sibling and not making it super awkward. I haven't seen many people be able to do that.

I think personally that you bring the characters from Goseiger into this. Even though you would have to do away with the whole angel motif in a literal sense, you could keep the idea of the different tribes probably. I have a feeling that good old Agri humor could help our hero's a bit.

One last thing, I like the way you write Genta as a character. You don't over play his playful attitude. You keep him well rounded with serious moments that keep the plot going. I also like how he still goes at it with Ryunosuke. Cya!
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