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for Guilt

12/14/2013 c3 22dinosoprano
Two things...well three. First, good job. This is looking promising. Second, Silents is not a word and that isn't what the aliens are. Just say two members of the Silence, people will know exactly what you mean. Third, "He was sat" is terrible English. It's "he was sitting" or "he sat". Oh and one more thing, how can she get to Arcadia when it's a city on Gallifrey?
12/13/2013 c9 17Animus et Anima
I like this story, and I hope you update soon! :)
6/15/2013 c8 Guest
Aww cute and sad :3 keep writing!
2/28/2013 c8 14FullWolfMoonGirl
Loving this. Appeals to my hurt/comfort cravings, and is also very sad and sweet. Please keep writing. :)
2/6/2013 c7 23LynnisaMystery
I love this story! I can't wait for the next update!
2/6/2013 c7 Shaydy80
Great chapter. Look forward to more.
2/6/2013 c1 Tardisartist
It's great so far! I'm looking forward to the next update :D
2/3/2013 c6 1Hello-Sweetie19
This story is AMAZING, I love it! Keep up the great work!
2/3/2013 c6 leilasand
2/2/2013 c5 Shaydy80
Great story. Very well thought out. I look forward to reading more!
2/1/2013 c5 leilasand
:( when will he rescue her? oh boy, u r good :)
1/31/2013 c4 leilasand
Oh, i love the story and the fact that you update so often :) Thanks!
1/31/2013 c4 1hellosweetie321
I like it :)

1/31/2013 c3 hellosweetie321
I like what you've done with the story

1/30/2013 c1 1Hello-Sweetie19
THAT...was your first DW fanfic? That was amazing! Keep up ther great work!
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