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11/18/2020 c34 20Amanda3271
You know...with how much that I believe that Audrey and Nathan were having sex in season four...it literally surprises me that he hadn't gotten her pregnant again...but I am guessing that Audrey was probably on the pill because I don't think using condoms would have worked on Nathan considering his condition and the fact that he can be able to feel her touch. Also...Nathan had me GIGGLING with how much he was pouting towards her...and the way he was like "It's okay if we burn the house down. We're building another one anyway." I was like: Uh...Nate...I am pretty sure that if Duke found out the reason behind you guys having to bunk with James until your dream house has finished building...he will more than likely NEVER let you live that one down.
11/17/2020 c33 Amanda3271
I love the fact the whole town that once hated them is now grateful to them for ending the troubles by getting married...and Audrey sure seems attached to her son...though I am not surprised at all because I believe there is always that strong and deep bond between a mother and a son. That is something that simply cannot be replaced by anything else in the world. I think Vince giving Audrey and Nathan the deed to Nathan's mother's childhood home was Vince's way of trying to make amends with them...and this deed was something that Nathan really couldn't pass up as he was really close to his mother before her untimely death. By the way...the writers never really went into how Nathan's mom died...they mainly just said that she died when Nathan was just a young boy and that was what caused his trouble to manifest itself the very first time...I have a sneaking suspicion that her death in the show might have been cancer related and not trouble related. But hey...a fan can have her imagination on how it may have occurred.
11/16/2020 c32 Amanda3271
I know EXACTLY how you feel about the insufferable Mara...whenever I first watched the first half of season 5 I would routinely refer to Mara as an evil b-word or just the b-word and I always thought that Nathan was a saint for dealing with Mara for so long until he was able to get Audrey back alive. The urge to smack Mara was the HARDEST urge to keep down each week she would be in an episode as I would be like "Go back to where the devil lives and stay there!" everytime she would try and put Nathan down or antagonize him because as a Naudrey fan I just WASN'T going to put up Mara's crap. But anyhow...nice way to illustrate how Nathan and Audrey spent their honeymoon as a newlywed couple in Hawaii but I wonder how townspeople are going to treat them when they come back to Haven as husband and wife. In a trouble free Haven. Lastly, the show should have had Audrey and Nathan get married at the end of the final season or somewhere in the final season...I literally have no clue why they didn't go down that route when they were figuring out how to write the final thirteen episodes...I'll probably never find out but still that was one of my TWO wishes to see before the final episode.
11/14/2020 c30 Amanda3271
Duke's comments while helping Audrey search for her wedding dress was hilarious to read as I could actually see him critiquing her on dresses for some apparent reason on the show. To be quite honest, I always knew that Audrey and Duke's relationship had always been more of a brother-sister relationship as the series went on because Audrey just seemed to have more chemistry with Nathan than she did with Duke and I was proud of Duke for understanding and accepting that he could never be what Nathan was to Audrey. I think Duke did always know that a romantic relationship between he and Audrey was just never in the cards as she seemed to be drawn more to Nathan's shyness and broodiness as well as the fact that Nathan could charm the pants off of Audrey without even trying too hard. Also, never try to blindfold a man who has the trouble of not being able to feel anything as it will just freak them out being down two of their five senses, though you can't really fault Duke for not knowing that fact about Nathan. But I do love the fact that Audrey knew how to calm Nathan down by just a simple touch of her hand because she knew that his brain would be able to register that it was her. Lastly, the kidnapping of Nathan by Dwight on the orders of Duke Crocker would have been interesting and funny to see happen on screen since we all know that Nathan's first instinct would be to go down swinging at whoever is trying to blindfold him, and the "black eyes" comment she made in regards to both Duke and Nathan is so understandable.
11/13/2020 c29 Amanda3271
Well...Lucy Ripley was lying about Nathan being unfaithful to Audrey in the future...because he would NEVER cheat on Audrey.
11/12/2020 c28 Amanda3271
Audrey and Nathan are getting married...awww...I am loving this story. I totally agree with the statement that said that Max Hansen and Simon Crocker could have been drinking buddies with the way they treated their sons. Also...I did notice that Nathan wasn't wearing his ring necklace when he was coming out of Audrey's apartment in "Crush"...and I am guessing either he took it off or Audrey did it for him before they ended up doing the dirty deed. You got the part about James being murdered by his own grandfather on the mark...though it wasn't by Nathan's biological father...and it was Audrey's father. Lastly, this rendition of how the troubles ended and Audrey's backstory is what I would have loved to see instead of what we actually saw on the show.
11/11/2020 c27 Amanda3271
So...how was it that Duke was able to join her in the trip to recovered memory land? I thought only Audrey was able to do that.
11/10/2020 c26 Amanda3271
I definitely agree with Audrey's conclusion that Sarah seduced Nathan because she did seduce Nathan and Nathan didn't stop her...it seems like every incarnation of Audrey's couldn't keep themselves with being handsy with Nathan. Not that I blame her...really...because I don't.
11/9/2020 c25 Amanda3271
Okay...getting his nosed accidently bashed in by the one woman that he can feel had to be excruciating to feel and I always knew that Nathan absolutely wanted to make babies with Audrey and it made me want to go like "go ahead and knock her up if you want to...no one is going to stop you and if someone does stop you they will have to deal with me."
11/7/2020 c23 Amanda3271
Okay. First off...the main differences between Nathan and Chris was the fact that Nathan relied on Audrey LESS to curb his trouble than Chris relied on her...it was one of the things that made me REALLY admire Nathan for...because of the fact that he did really try hard not to make her feel obligated to initiate touch between them soon after she found out that she was the only thing he could feel and it made me really respect him as a person. Nathan was too much of a gentleman to make Audrey feel the way that Chris made her feel...if you understand my drift and it was really the one true reason behind her breaking up with Chris because she did have a point in saying that he would eventually end up resenting her if they ending up staying together. Though...to be honest...when he started badmouthing her relationship with Nathan...stating that it was the exact same thing between him and her kind of made me tempted to smack him in my mind but I resorted to just letting Audrey defend her relationship with Nathan. I do believe that Morgan Mckee is most likely Jordan Mckee's distant ancestor as both seemed to share the same hatred towards Audrey and it would make some sense. And finally...I love that you wrote in your rendition of how the troubles could have happened instead of piggybacking onto the storyline that writers came up with for season four as I had no idea whatsoever what they were truly thinking when they wrote that storyline but I hate to admit that it did leave me wanting more of the show each week. So I guess they did some sort of good job there.
11/6/2020 c22 Amanda3271
I've never liked Chris Brody...
11/5/2020 c21 Amanda3271
You know...whenever I saw the season four premiere where Nathan made that bogus deal with the guard to keep them from shooting him right then and there...and believe me I could see on Jordan's face that she wanted to kill Nathan...but when he made that deal my immediate thought was "You know darn well that Audrey will NEVER agree to this deal...Nathan...she would rather die than appease the guard." and even Duke and Jennifer were sharing my thoughts. Which is why Audrey decided to hide behind the persona that the barn had given to her before it imploded on itself and decided to lie to everyone to make sure that she didn't have to kill Nathan. That was a smart decision on her part...in my honest opinion.
11/4/2020 c20 Amanda3271
Oh god...Nathan and Duke's facial expressions regarding James's mere mentioning of Omelets for breakfast is just...golden.
11/3/2020 c19 Amanda3271
Something tells me that you may have also watched the final season because I am a lot of similarities towards that particular season to the scenes in this story.
11/1/2020 c17 Amanda3271
I understand completely why Audrey might feel a little insecure about whether or not Nathan loves her because he can feel her when that is simply not the case...as he fell in love with her for being the type of woman she is.
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