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2/22/2013 c1 Wonderland-fae
How very "Dark Helmet from Spaceballs"... :)
2/4/2013 c1 25Canadian Hogan's Fan
Yes, this is so much like that scene from Spaceballs. Very funny and well done.
2/3/2013 c1 66Belphegor
I read this twice, and even though I knew the twist the second time I was still engrossed enough in the story to (almost) not see it coming. I tell you, it's a weird feeling, almost cheering for Hochstetter to get the girl :D I can see him playing with dolls, no problem, even though it's so absurd - it fits my mental image of him (at least in your stories) like a glove! By all means continue yanking his chain; romance may be good for the soul (although I do have doubts where our unfortunate major is concerned - does his soul have room enough for *two* obsessions?), but laughter is even better ;o)

So Hochstetter has a thing for his secretary? Who would've thought!

(P.S: is the title a little nod to "My Fair Lady"? Just asking :o)
1/31/2013 c1 2SpaceEngineerPeanut
This story should come with a warning: Do not eat, drink, or have a full bladder while reading.

In other words, it's hilarious, thank you!
1/30/2013 c1 Jennaya
Poor Hochstetter, having to resort to fantasy play.
1/30/2013 c1 Guest
Hilarious! It reminded me of "Spaceballs"..."No, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again, sir!"
1/30/2013 c1 Marie1964
Another great tale from you-as always, the comedy was wonderful but the romance was great too. Would be interested in seeing more of that genre from you.
1/29/2013 c1 87konarciq
My my... who would have thought? Well, I suppose if you keep failing to make your dreams come true in real life, resorting to fantasy is a pretty accepted thing to do...

Though I got to admit, the picturing of the scene of Hochstetter with his dearest Elsa (fiction, too, or...?) in front of his men was nothing short of priceless!
1/29/2013 c1 66Sgt. Moffitt
Haha! I'm with Snooky...I could just see Dark Helmet playing with his action figures!

Poor, poor Hochstetter. He's successful only in his imagination...but what an imagination!
1/29/2013 c1 76snooky-9093
Shades of "Spaceballs!" LOL.
1/29/2013 c1 24Six of Twelve
Poor Hochstetter. No wonder he's such a SOB
1/29/2013 c1 ColHogan
You really had me going there until I continued reading. I really thought Hochstetter had caught Hogan only to realize in the end it was dolls he was playing with. But I suppose even Gestapo Majors have to have fun of sorts.

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