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12/1/2015 c7 2Jenny Islander
One little niggle: I did a research paper on Christmas trees, which I of course had on a computer that fried itself...anyway, a nice person at the University of (IIRC) Prague kindly forwarded me a script for a religious play from about 50 years before and a few hundred miles east of the first recorded Christmas tree. (As you may already know, the modern Christmas pageant is a remnant of a centuries-old tradition of the laity putting on plays portraying common Bible stories on major religious holidays. Some medieval towns had cycles of half a dozen or more of these "mystery plays" throughout the year.) This script calls for a green tree with fruit to be on the stage during the Christmas Eve play as a prop for the story about Adam and Eve and the apple. The person who forwarded it also told me about a regional edict from about that time, changing the appointed Old Testament reading for Christmas Eve to something else. On the other hand, while accounts of pagan practices mention greens being hung indoors, poles (not trees) being set up outdoors, and living trees being worshipped or used where they were, no record exists of a cut tree being brought indoors.

The rest is my speculation, but I think it best connects the separate dots. Imagine that you're a little kid in pre-Reformation Catholic Europe. You don't know any Latin, but you do know that the 12 best days of winter are coming: a time of feasting, possibly little gifts in your shoes or stockings, lots of singing, people putting on their nicest clothes, and largesse from the lord of the manor. There may be thrilling and scary visits from people dressed up in shaggy costumes, or maybe in your region a lucky boy is elected Christmas Bishop and gets to clown around and give orders. And it all starts off when you see the wonderful green tree (an evergreen, of course, because it's December) hung with fruit (probably apples from the cellar, but they may have been made of painted wood). So you're hopping impatiently, waiting to see the tree and watch the play, which is the only part of the service you can halfway understand, and-"Mama, Papa, where's the tree? Where's the _Christmas_ tree?" And tears fill your eyes...

And your papa marches home and gets his ax, and your mama grabs the spare milk pail, and you have a Christmas tree after all, right in the house.
2/13/2013 c15 1angel897
intresting as always to read
2/12/2013 c14 angel897
intresting to read as always
2/11/2013 c13 angel897
well always the drama
2/10/2013 c12 angel897
sounds like a good time
2/9/2013 c11 angel897
hope chip can learn to be ok with what kaela wants
2/8/2013 c10 angel897
intresting and enjoyable chapter to read as always
2/7/2013 c9 angel897
intresting and cool chapter to read once again
2/6/2013 c8 angel897
exciting and fun chapter to read
2/5/2013 c7 angel897
intresting chapter again as always
2/4/2013 c6 angel897
liked the new chapter happy he went after her and they worked things out
2/3/2013 c5 Autobotgirl2234
This is wonderful. Please continue.
2/3/2013 c4 Autobotgirl2234
That was good.
2/3/2013 c3 Autobotgirl2234
That was certainly different.
2/3/2013 c2 Autobotgirl2234
That was great.
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