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for Not Sorry, Just Grateful

12/2/2013 c1 Guest
doctor horrible?
6/26/2013 c1 14Raxicoricofallapatorious
It wasn't sappy as most reunions written are. I loved it all the same. Sherlock was so in character, I could hear Benny in my head. And I liked having that first person thrown in. It allowed for an outside eye and was a cool concept.

I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

3/29/2013 c1 oHBG GFNM
this was pretty good i liked how "time froze" i thought that was a good way to describe it!
2/6/2013 c1 Raven's Dusk
Awww... This story was just fantastic! Especially the ending. Really. Loved it :)

And I quite liked Hazel... She's adorable ;)
You should write more about her...
1/30/2013 c1 Guest

this is brilliant and perfect and amazing
1/30/2013 c1 BelievingBrook
First review!
Well, I must say, I'm ecstatic that you snagged a fanfiction account! Cheers.
Oh, and the fic - is as in character as always. I loved how you put in an OC but she wasn't the central theme, so kudos on that.

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