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for You Don't Know Me At All

8/16/2013 c18 72JOTRACY123
Getting really good and poor Grandma again update soon :)
8/15/2013 c18 Laesk
thank you
8/15/2013 c18 Bulletproof Vendetta
Great update!
7/28/2013 c17 2TangledPencils
I'm enjoying this story very much, and looking forward to reading more.
7/24/2013 c17 72criminally charmed

You are almost as mean to Alan as I am.
7/24/2013 c17 Bulletproof Vendetta
Great chapter!
7/24/2013 c17 MJ
Very interesting chapter. I do wonder what is going to happen next and if everything is as it seems. Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/24/2013 c17 Trillianaus
TIA: transient ischaemic attacks.
7/13/2013 c16 Laesk
great chapter. thank you
7/2/2013 c16 Bulletproof Vendetta
Oh no! What's happened to Mr. Winters!?

Great chapter! Please update again soon!
7/2/2013 c16 72JOTRACY123
Loving the chapters update soon xx
6/26/2013 c15 Mixie
Omg I love this! I can't wait for more you're reallt talented
6/20/2013 c15 JOTRACY123
Great chapter update soon x
6/19/2013 c15 Bulletproof Vendetta
Great Chapter! :D I can't wait for the next one!
6/19/2013 c15 MJ
Oh my! I do wonder what Mr Winters is up to and if it is linked to getting the address.

Poor Alan things just don't seem to work for him at the moment and think it is about to get a bit worse

Looking forward to your next chapter.
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