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for You Don't Know Me At All

3/28/2013 c8 Laesk
thank you for the chapter. i can't wait for the Tracy's to find out how smart Alan really is. thank you for the chapter and i look forwards to reading more
3/25/2013 c8 Erin
Chapter 8 was amazing, I devoured it as fast as I could. I cant wait for the next chapter and the going ons on Tracey Island. I'm waiting in antisipation to see the Tracey's reaction when they find out about who Alan really is and the truth about the AT company. You have a very good writing style the grips me, gives me little chance to stop reading until the chapter is done and makes me want to go back and read it all again. Please keep up the writing it truly brightens my day when you have a new chapter up. :)
3/25/2013 c8 Guest
Noooo, don't end there! carry on!
3/25/2013 c8 Poppy
more please this is a very good and interesting story. i hope to read more soon. thank you
3/25/2013 c8 72criminally charmed
Sigh, Jeff is hopefully going to regret this.

You need to be careful...Multiple typos detract from the story.
3/24/2013 c8 3guerrero
Oh my gosh I'm so impatient! I wanna know what's gonna happen next! Please update soon :)
3/24/2013 c8 Guest
Please update soon. I love this story.
3/24/2013 c8 Bulletproof Vendetta
Awesome update!
I love Grandma Tracy! And yes ALL Tracy men are stubborn!
I'm sooooo glad you updated today! Yesterday none of the stories I'm following updated and I could have used the distraction seeing as my favorite band, My Chemical Romance broke up. : (
Okay, enough of my

Awesome story! I'm totally in love with it and I can't wait for the next update! You really are a great writer!
3/24/2013 c8 beckyboo10
Great yet again, can't wait to read more,feel so sorry for Alan, hope he is going to be ok!
3/23/2013 c7 Guest
Please update!
3/14/2013 c7 guerrero
Love it!
3/12/2013 c7 StarSearcher13
Great story can't wait for you to update it.
3/12/2013 c7 Guest
3/12/2013 c7 Erin
All is forgiven. It put a huge smile on my face to see the chapter number had gone up. This chapter definitly lived up to the hype and I cant wait for the next. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Alan, Jeff and Scott. :-)
3/11/2013 c7 72criminally charmed
annoying twerps...And not sure if I mean Willie boy or Jeff/Scott
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