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for Tale of the Setting Sun

1/24 c46 Funnydead
Gotta leave us with a cliff hanger. I see how it is.
1/15 c39 SatanicShrubbery
Anger? I'm mostly feeling darkness induced apathy at this point. Oh hey, another character died. Like, whoa.
1/12 c1 sjlovesstories
For some reason, I am just starting this after years of reading Naruto fanfiction. I have to say, I can already tell that this will be fantastic. “...he was in no way deformed. He had counted carefully:...” that section was heart breaking. I don’t even know what to say. It perfectly captured children’s thought process, the innocence and desire to know. Naruto’s voice shines here and your prose is excellent. I’m so excited to really get into this. Thank you for writing this! Sending love and appreciation
1/6 c27 Guest
I cried.
1/6 c26 Guest
Nononono. Damn! Why. I want to hate you author but the story is just so beautiful...
1/6 c25 Guest
Amazing. I didn't really care about Mayu before but now... How is it possible for one of my favorite Naruto characters to be an oc?
1/6 c1 Guest
This first chapter is beautiful
1/4 c12 fanfic reader.xx
so they placed a memory seal on him eh.
12/27/2020 c17 3AniMeOtaKuKiNg
Fuck, I hate this Hiruzen...
12/24/2020 c46 Scaunders
Amazing story
12/23/2020 c8 3Olivier Antoine
these rules were impossible to under stand , please elaborate
12/19/2020 c46 hi
12/14/2020 c3 Rice with Chest-Nuts
now i'm conflicted whether i'm continue reading this or not... lmao,
12/13/2020 c46 2MrMan737
Really Good.
12/5/2020 c1 ReviewOnFavFic
Please update. I'm dying to know what Naruto will do next.
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