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for Tale of the Setting Sun

1/31 c47 Gilgamesh50
Strength wise and skill etc naruto should be wayy stronger right?
1/29 c1 Riba Nyabom
This must be one of the worst stories i have read on this 's pathetic.
You started with a story where Naruto has taken his training seriously right from the start,is supposed to be a genius like Minato,has early access and complete knowledge of the shadow clones and has been seriously trained by Kakashi.
Yet he is so pathetically weak i don't even see the point of why you would write that background for him if he is as weak as his canon counterpart all things fact you have practically went out of your way to nerf Naruto is even weaker than his canon version,the canon version atleast had a strong mental fortitude and willpower.
1/28 c20 WickedOne94
breh...hidan again? this is way to fast to be meeting the akatsuki now
1/25 c47 Phazer12
A revival...yes. This is a big cliffhanger, but excited.
1/25 c47 Unreal
OK. So, I've been following this story for a few years now. And like, wow.

I've loved your version of Naruto, I love your oc's. And I just love the direction of this story.

This plot twist is like, what?

I'm hooked. Please, keep em coming.
1/24 c47 stevesgaming87
These last few chapters have been taking the story in a subpar direction. Especially this one.
1/24 c47 Nagi Aoe
There better be another chapter by the time I get back to this
1/19 c47 Guest
I'm glad you were able to continiue this after such a long time, and I hope this gets recognised by more people.

I'm very curious about the effects Kotoamatsukami had on Danzo aand I'm hoping for more Konoha scenes soon.
1/14 c28 1Diametrik
It seems weird that you're pushing around the timeline. Firstly, you have Akatsuki going around capturing Jinchuuriki before canon Naruto was even a genin - for some reason making them extract the seven tails from Fuu when they haven't even captured Shukaku, yet, and now you've done a timeskip and pushed back the Konoha chuunin exams and Sand-Sound invasion by two years.
1/14 c26 Diametrik
It seems like you wanted some epic climax to kill off Mayu and Rai, but the path to get there was overly complicated and unnecessary. Like, the moment of their deaths was good, but it's tainted by the fact I can't help but feel like the situation they're in doesn't make much sense.
1/14 c23 Diametrik
This whole plan was made by Akatsuki to capture either Mayu or Naruto? Do they have people in Konoha to make them be the ones selected for the mission, then? Even with that, this seems like an extremely over-elaborate plan... I hope there's a good explanation next chapter.
1/14 c47 Deadmann1
Cant wait for the 4th Ninaj war with these circumstances.
1/13 c17 Diametrik
" I ask is that you not blame the tool that carries out the hand's bidding; you may hate me as you wish, but I hope that you will keep considering Konoha your home. "

He got this backwards, lmao. Using his metaphor of tool vs. hand, he should forgive the Hokage and hate the village.
1/13 c47 scotty26
Two years? Hopefully it doesn’t take that long this time to update but I get the feeling this story is winding down to the wire..
1/13 c12 Diametrik
The prelims don't make much sense and just seem like a blind imitation of the canon chuunin exam. With the first round dividing them by at least four and the second round dividing them by at least two, there's no reason for there to be more than the expected amount of candidates, unlike the canon one where Naruto inspired more people than expected to pass the first round - especially not so much that they need to divide the candidates by another three!
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