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4/13 c39 Morowami
4/5 c48 8Hikari-J
This story is really interesting and for once actually explores outside of canon. I would love to see more of it
3/12 c48 Tiger 6329
let the chapters keep coming bruh...
don't stop in the middle of something like this
can't wait to see what happens next

good point: you showed kushina's back story and how was the hidden whirlpool protexted in secret to show your point and elaborated it in details.
also you gave depth to the other characters
but one thing is i am starting to suspect if naruto is child of yashima...
don't get me wrong but don't do that kind of shit or i'll find you and bomb your house and blueandgold's house ok...

bad point (points to improveif you are taking so long to update the old readers will start to lose points about the story so write a short paragraph at the start like you do at the end of every arc so that the readers won't have to read all previous chapters again to connect to the story ...
another point is make your chapers a little long like 10k words or more so that the readers will be satisfied to having been waiting for like 6 months or so ...
and update regularly you son of a good woman
love you see you in next chapter

and make sure you reveal all the secrets in following chapters right!
did you getme!
or i will haunt you every night making comical face like yamato taichou...
3/7 c27 Tiger 6329
bro are you really writing naruto ?
beacause it feels like jjk to me now
just when i was begining to love mayu's character and the other oc, you killed them both !
i was considering potential pairing of mayu and naruto but you killed her and even her body went missing wtf...
atleast show him her body and let him say some lat words to her bro ... sniff.. sniff...
no i am not crying ... sniff sniff
yes i am crying ...
just why did you do that ...
you made his already hell life more hellish
just when he was growing to go to the light side you pushed him back in the mariana trench ...
you are an exellent writer but ...
you killed by favourite character mayu so f*ck you bro
at the same time love your writing style
hope you update soooooooooooooooon
please i can't wait
2/20 c1 InvcShadow suxx
was somewhat interesting story until you had him leave the village for a weak reason and decide it was a fantastic idea to take along a bloodthirsty murderer he barely interacted with beforehand

no way pervy sage would just leave the village and give the kage hat to a snake like danzo on a silver platter

why you do my girl ino like that
2/19 c42 sjskjddkdjdk
Glad I skipped ahead - feels like you lost the plot with your story. Happened around chapter 39. Could be even said before that.

Was a great story at the start. Best of luck with future chapters.
Kabuto's scene was completely pointless. If something actually happened then it would have been something. Kabuto should have died with what he pulled - he clearly wasn't thinking.

Kakashi living is also kind of weak.

You kind of went too edge lord. I remember this story started out really good but now it is kind of just plain stupid.

Too scared to have any sort of loss for the bad guys. You were also too scared to kill Kakashi.

Plot armour galore for Kakashi and Kabuto. Both should have technically died.
Shame you are wasting Itachi like canon. May as well have not even used him. Biggest blunder in this story.

Go Jiraiya.
Well damn you killed Kakashi. Temari is also dead. Just damn.

In saying that with Kakashi his death was fairly stupid. Shock for the sake of shock.

Was quite the neat chapter before that.
So the sword stayed loyal to Kisame, nice. Was wondering if that is what happened. Poor B though.

Really feel like Tobi should have had some sort of loss though as well.

Sweet chapter.
Interesting chapter.
Getting back to reading this, was a neat chapter.
2/14 c39 5Advent of Shadows
Yeah, you're way to murder happy with characters. It kind of kills any impact when multiple named characters can die at any moment. Not to mention after almost 40 chapters, you didn't really build up a relationship between Naruto and Kakashi. They were in scenes together but at no point did they feel like they were anything more than two people who worked together
2/14 c27 Advent of Shadows
Seems like a waste to have Naruto on a team with OCs and drag things out almost 30 chapters before killing them off.
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