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for Tale of the Setting Sun

6/13/2023 c47 3BillionDavid
please Update
6/13/2023 c47 Nadoxx
Very enjoyable story.
6/4/2023 c47 1VVishmaker
Excellent story, unique perspective, fucking phenominal read. Please continue. Take your time and keep with this amazing story!
6/3/2023 c42 MisterFerris
Also, Long live the Revolution

I wonder if your going to add some world building in that Revolutionary State that Naruto seeks to establish. Will it be a Republic that has a representative democracy? That would a lot better than the Feudalist Shinobi System of the Elemental Nations.
6/3/2023 c47 MisterFerris
So the nine tails is split in half with. other half being sealed in the Village Hidden in the Whirlpools?
5/11/2023 c2 finhirblank
A good kid that doesn't deserve any of this at all. People can be so dumb, makes me just want to slap off their heads from their torsos.
5/11/2023 c1 finhirblank
A well-done first chapter. I've already come to like Naruto's character here, a poor child yet very intelligent one.
5/9/2023 c47 12nexusplayer
Sate Sate Sate Sate Sate SATE!
5/9/2023 c35 nexusplayer
Me want Naruto to have a Girlfriend!
Karin, Hinata or whoever!
5/9/2023 c27 nexusplayer
So Sad.
It's Kakashi all over again. It's Soo, terrible.
This Naruto I apologize. I may not know your situation or feelings as my own.
But I know that this story is one hell of a story.
5/7/2023 c47 Wika0304
please update
5/4/2023 c47 1TheFieryDread
your story has been amazing, please continue it!
4/30/2023 c47 1Angry Zamboni
I'm so stoked to see where this goes I read the whole thing in a day while at work it's so good
4/28/2023 c47 DoofusRufus
Whirlpool countries history is gonna be exciting. On the side I hope Narutos senjutsu and sage ability is the end all be all of his 'natural' power cause extremely strong Chakra users should have no issues battling with a sage. Chakra is as alive as 'natural energy'. Madara Uchiha was a battle hardened master in Chakra with unbreakable will ;the Vegeta of Naruto basically. He's like 15 or 16 years old right now? Still early to take on older experienced powerful opponents in mass like Madara and Hashirama could. Males prime age is late twenties and early thirties. Let Naruto grow up fully and take on all comers plz lol in every story he's so young and conquering the world lol that kishimoto effect at work lol.
4/27/2023 c38 KingKage
Best version of the Akatsuki ever. Each member is a dangerous monster. Your utilization of them is so perfect. Deidara the Bomber was epic taking the Cloud by surprise. Kisame going forward fighting two trained jinchuriki at once so awesome he really is the tailless tailed beast and cutting off B's legs cause yugito ran so ominous lol. The banter between these monsters is quite entertaining too. Hope to see Kakazu make a return again and perhaps the thoughts on Hidan getting killed by the nine - tailes leaking unconscious Chakra .
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