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for Tale of the Setting Sun

Getting back to reading this, was a neat chapter.
2/14 c39 5Advent of Shadows
Yeah, you're way to murder happy with characters. It kind of kills any impact when multiple named characters can die at any moment. Not to mention after almost 40 chapters, you didn't really build up a relationship between Naruto and Kakashi. They were in scenes together but at no point did they feel like they were anything more than two people who worked together
2/14 c27 Advent of Shadows
Seems like a waste to have Naruto on a team with OCs and drag things out almost 30 chapters before killing them off.
2/10 c48 atomduck01
will u update it further author?
ps ' this is the best naruto ff ever tbh, absolutely loved it
2/9 c26 Kodaking
There they go RIP
2/8 c9 Kodaking
They are definitely going to die lmaao
2/5 c26 TheAssassinofIce
That's fucked up man, making us so attached just to kill them like that
2/5 c13 TheAssassinofIce
Why the hell do you make Naruto forget things so easily?! Especially important things too? It's really annoying and confusing!
2/3 c48 1ShanaFox15
amazing as always! thank you
1/31 c26 Guest
1/28 c48 LordofTheMysteries
I cannot wait for the next chapter, this is literally one of the best Naruto fics on the site and the wait has been grueling. Please don't take another year for another chapter
1/23 c48 Mxcc
Pls update
1/17 c27 16Luciendar
The 9 tails has to be last but you couldn't figure out taking the 7 tails that early was wrong?
1/17 c17 Luciendar
You really got my hopes up with this story but now it looks like you're just going to piss on them. After the way he's been treated, after everything yet did you'll still have him be the Saint. He'll move past it and forgive them.

I thought you were writing an interesting character. Now I find out you've only been writing an edgy little shit.
1/17 c16 Luciendar
The thing I hate about this is it throws everything off. Fuu was actual held prisoner for a time because of how the tailed beats have to be taken. She also wasn't taken this early.
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