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for Tale of the Setting Sun

1/17 c2 16Luciendar
Making fun of his red hair is just stupid. Many of the Akimichi clan are red heads. I never got that with his mother either.
1/13 c48 2HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
So I see the type of story you were going with here. Basically just killing everyone off in the whole world. I guess that's a unique approach to this universe.
1/12 c16 HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR
So, Fu got killed off already then huh? Too bad, I like her character. Kind of useless to put her in like this just to get rid of her in like 3 chapters.
1/12 c17 Dominator1214
I'm done hiruzens whole speech was just a guilt trip when the real reason is he is a pussy.
1/12 c17 Dominator1214
this whole apeech was stupid
1/12 c14 Dominator1214
ahh, so this is another hiruzen being a pussy and unable to stand up to his own people. got it.
1/8 c13 Ravendle
so does the seal make him forget what he learns or wonders about the seal?
12/31/2023 c15 TeMasacroEn69
12/30/2023 c26 J-SECTION-L
Words can't describe how much I hate and love you for this chapter. Damn it.
12/26/2023 c48 underwaterforest
Great story, please continue! somehow I get the feeling that naruto is about to take over this village. doubt hes going to be to happy with this situation. I wonder if any of the other uzumakis are aware of how the gate works And how did danzo not know the village wasnt destroyed. Eagerly looking forward to see what happens, everyrhing been so well written. been glued to this story for days
12/26/2023 c47 underwaterforest
Awesome story, very high quality writing. Loving everything , I wonder what naruto will do now thats hes discovered that whirlpool also as a jinchuriki. Didnt expect that mayu would be a path I giess that means she reall was dead. Im wondering what narutos plan is at this point, how will his way of changing the world be seperate from pains or obitos?
12/26/2023 c48 ccxcc
the people need an update
12/9/2023 c48 Phazer12
lol i had to read the prev 2 chapters to remind myself where the story had left off, lol...
12/6/2023 c48 1jamthacreator
Amazing story! I'm so excited for the next chapter!
12/4/2023 c47 44Melkor44
Blue isn't the only one who never moves on, lol. Didn't see you updated until just now. Hope you're doing well, man.
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