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for Tale of the Setting Sun

12/6/2023 c48 1jamthacreator
Amazing story! I'm so excited for the next chapter!
12/4/2023 c47 44Melkor44
Blue isn't the only one who never moves on, lol. Didn't see you updated until just now. Hope you're doing well, man.
12/4/2023 c27 Guest
Why would the rogue ninja group move up their plans based solely on Naruto being two years ahead of canon? There’s no logic there.
12/4/2023 c16 Guest
Boooo! This would have been a good story to have Fu survive
12/4/2023 c10 Guest
Mountains aren’t normally made out of sediment, though. They are typically made out of either igneous rock from volcanic or tectonic activity or metamorphic rock from tectonic activity. There are some very rare sedimentary rock based mountains, but there are the result of glacial decay.
11/30/2023 c1 Mangomakaveli
Everyone hating is a reggie pack goofball. No one bats an eye when Sasukes storyline changes but switch up some Kurama/ Hiruzen /Naruto goal stuff and people are up in arms.
I found this story a few days ago and finished chapter 48 about 15 mins ago.
Let me just say daaaaawg. Seeing the improvemnt youve made since this story began is substantial. At the beginning i was enjoying it, nothing too special but still interesting but around like chapter 25ish i noticed a sharp increase in quality but the last 10 or so chapters… man. I was standing up and taking laps, cackling like a mad man and wiping tears out my eyes. This story absolutely fucking bangs.
The call backs, the little hints that get light shed on them, the refrences, the general vibe ah shit.. im getting amped up again lmao.
Ive gone through 100 fanfics and this one stands out heavily.

Im a sucker for Uzumaki stories so i may be biased but regardless. Theres so many potential directions from here. Like will he clash with the Uzumaki because of what they’ve done to their “jinchuriki”, will Danzo be a wild card and end up an ally due to some kotoamatsukami shenanigans, will Naruto and obito see eye to eye, will Naruto lose it when he sees a particular path of pain? WILL KAKASHI BE OKAY, wtf is going on with Sasuke and where TF did Itachis eyes go. There is a massive bag here. God i just hope you bless us with an ending.

I know some authors get discouraged because they have writers block or a string of bad reviews after trying to push through low points with a chapter or few being less than their usual quality, or the audience doesnt like the direction they take or etc etc etc whatever.
But just because some people at that moment are vocal and upset doesnt mean someone won’t come along in a year or 10 and think this is the best story they’ve ever read and becomes synonymous with the original story.

TLDR; story bangs, if you disagree go read OP Naruto, Sasuke bashing and Sakura dieting fics :P
11/29/2023 c48 Krieger Techpreist
Well... His story is very confusing but Im invested
11/29/2023 c25 Krieger Techpreist
11/24/2023 c48 Guest
I didn't expect this to still be ongoing but I'm glad I checked
11/23/2023 c16 Stoty lover94
This is such a worst story.. your summary piqued my interest but the story is not at all close to it. With Minato's personality Naruto wouldn't give up.. and what is this bullshit about fu and neji with powerups.. I thought even Naruto is powering up very easily, but chalked it off as story main character and change in personality according to summary... But why is everyone highly powered... And what the shit about 3rd hokage, why gai is allowing his rookie team in chunnin when lee couldn't even fight properly by that time? Akatsuki hunting jinchuriki already? At first I LIKED your story but since chunnin exams you made mess of it and I powered through till 16th chapter but can't do anymore.. but I'll still keep it in my follow ups to see you edit improve it because ultimately I like a good story..
11/22/2023 c47 Ricee
completely ditching the bit with Minato having the other half of kurama in the afterlife/shinigami's stomach? that's new
11/22/2023 c15 Dissapointed
Yeah, it is getting dumber.

So, Naruto had his memories messed with but I guess he will still be a good little Konoha soldier for them because there is ONE person that doesn't hate him.

This is the problem when some retard who can't put himself in Naruto's shoes tries to write a fanfic about him. Being hated by literally everyone and even having your memories messed with is no joke.

But I guess it is all for the greater good of Konoha and the worthless position of Hokage, eh?
11/22/2023 c12 Dissapointed
So... warning guys. The MC seems to be mentally fucked up. Whenever he thinks about jinchuuriki, he gets a migraine and forgets. Honestly, it kinda ruins the story for me. What's the point of reading about a mentally impaired dude?
11/22/2023 c5 Dissapointed
The only thing I don't like is his dream.

What's with every story having Naruto dream of being a Hokage? I get that it was his og dream but come on. It came out of nowhere here.
11/19/2023 c4 bakun.alex93
Such nonsense! One hates to be ordered around, and another wants to work with orphans. What are they doing in military service?
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