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for Barren of Itself

7/7/2019 c1 SpaceAutumn
Do you think this happens in real life? Like actors reading fabrics of their characters, preferably the most crackiest and fluffiest, possibly the most smut filled ones. I would honestly watch that(can you imagine Ryan Reynolds reading fanfics about Deadpool?)
4/11/2017 c20 5Brainy girl
Me: 20 chapters? Man this story must be finished
(Sees updated)
3/30/2017 c20 50DisneyGirl10
I'm so glad this is back!
I love these stories of yours!
I'm so glad Dex is back with Ben. I just know the ending is gonna be great. :)
3/29/2017 c20 5AnActualBirb
Oh heck, is fusion Dex coming?
3/28/2017 c20 15Vanessa Masters
Oh, and now Fusion Dexter might be close to on his way.

Scary intense!

Oh, I'd near forgotten about this fic. :D

Love the update, and great title for the chapter XD
10/13/2016 c19 50DisneyGirl10
Mexican standoff - *I fall over laughing* What is this?

I am so glad this came back. And I'm even more glad that Ben used his Anodite powers to kick Albedo into submission! Heck yeah!
And even more glad that Ben and Dexter are back together! Hazah!
9/6/2016 c19 Guest
8/19/2016 c19 VeeVee
YES! Finally, they're going home. Poor Dexter, jeez. I hope they get a small break at least.
8/19/2016 c19 15Vanessa Masters
WOW! Ben went anodite.

But I don't think Albedo realizes, you have the spark, or don't and your born with it. Just cause he's physically ben, in a clone manner. Don't mean he'll have the spark.

But at least Dexter is safe, for now.
3/22/2016 c18 VeeVee
Ahh! I'm glad to know you're still updating :D Absolutely love this story. Can't wait to read the next!
3/21/2016 c18 50DisneyGirl10
These stories on Ben X Dexter are so intriguing and always get me on the edge of my seat!
I can't wait to see the next part! :D
1/11/2016 c17 DisneyGirl10
Finally, this is back! I miss this story!
And oh ho ho, Albedo is gonna get a major butt whooping! I'm getting a front row seat! XD
1/11/2016 c17 Veevee
Ahhh you updated! 3 I'm SO glad you did because this story is GREAT. There is hardly anywhere else to get my Ben/Dexter feels. I love this story so much ;3;

Oh man. Albedo is gonna be torn to shreds. Ben is SO PISSED. Wait till he sees what state Dexter is in. I hope he gets out safely, he's been through so much shit.

I hope you update again soon! :D I'm really enjoying this story.
1/11/2016 c17 15Vanessa Masters
Wow, not very good of Chip to realize NOW that something was wrong.

At least he's getting into action, along with a couple of KND.


So, poor Albedo recognizes he's been impulsive, but he's sensing Ben's desires for Dexter, but can't cope. And there's the angry boyfriend!

Love updates :D
12/8/2015 c16 Vanessa Masters
Getting close now, and super cool story by the way. Super dramatic.
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