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5/27/2013 c1 12Crystalzap
nice :)
2/5/2013 c1 Guest
Great writing, and I could not tell that English is not your native tongue.

I also completely agree with the consensus here about Elizabeth's actions. Being upset and angry about Peter's injuries is understandable, but Neal is Peter's CI and partner - she does NOT have the right to sow dissent between them for any reason. What impacts Neal also impacts Peter, both professionally and personally, and distrust between them can only cause Peter more problems down the road as he struggles to figure out the truth. I do hope Elizabeth comes clean, because her actions were indefensible on every level.
2/5/2013 c1 wotumba1
great story!
2/4/2013 c1 3WynonaRose
Me too! I was stunned at the way Elizabeth treated Neal. Peter and El are his family and she stomped on the relationship. Glad you are addressing it. Not many fan writers are.
2/4/2013 c1 7Freckle Red
Ahahaha! I was almost done with my story, about this exact same thing! Now I don't know if I'll post it. I couldn't agree with you more in this story. Elizabeth was so wrong for that and it made my blood boil. Peter is not gonna benefit from this lie she want's Neal to keep up, it will just make Peter look all that much harder. Shame on Elizabeth!

Well written, I hope Elizabeth get's outed for making Neal lie.
2/2/2013 c1 superfanficreader
Fabulous story. I felt the same way after seeing that episode. And I only wish more native English speakers had as good a command of the language as you do.
2/2/2013 c1 Guest
You did great!
2/2/2013 c1 8govgal
I agree I was very mad at Elizabeth blaming Neal like that. It's only going to make things worse, and Neal is caught in the middle.
1/31/2013 c1 Guest
I was angry with Elizabeth too. She has GOT to tell Peter that she forced Neal to lie. I couldn't beleive she didn't confess to him when Peter got so upset about realizing Neal lied to him.
1/31/2013 c1 Guest
I like your POV in this story. I couldn't help but resent the way El painted him into a corner. Neal is so easily caught up in his friend's manipulations. This in turn causes Peter to distrust him by default.

I hope the writers show El revealing the truth to Peter eventually.
1/31/2013 c1 Guest
And see, I got the feeling watching the show, that Neal almost seemed indifferent to Peter lying in a hospital bed. He certainly did NOT seem upset.

And I cheered El on when she told Neal she had no plans to apologize to him.

As far as it being a one way street with Neal, it kinda is. Neal takes and takes and takes..and Peter gives and gives and gives.

So Neal can go have his widdle pitty party. Boo hoo, as usual, making it all.a .
1/31/2013 c1 yellowsunglasses
English is yOur third language! It's impossible to tell. Great story.
1/31/2013 c1 10ProtoZivot
Glad to see I'm not the only one mad at Elizabeth. She put Neal in an impossible position...irked me because I usually really like El...but now I'm kinda...not happy. I am curious as to how Peter will respond when he figures out why Neal lied to him. I thought your story was a very nice reflection of how Neal could be feeling about the whole situation. It's exactly the type of story I was looking for after "Brass Tracks."
1/31/2013 c1 Stroma
Very good story.
1/31/2013 c1 Gloworm41
I agree with you I was not happy with El for putting Neal in that position. I wonder how Peter will feel when he finds out what El did. I am assuming that he will find out.
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