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for The Supernovas of Mass Effect

7/8 c10 NitpickingDonkey
Why would Ash think the jacket was made for an alien and not just... you know... made for a human? Barring their color scheme, male Drell are identical to humans in torso shape and size. A jacket for a Drell would be identical to a human jacket.

Also, why couldn't Mister Electricity drain the Geth for his needed electric boost?
7/8 c7 Halo4Lyife
Why wasn't Master Chief considered for Spectre?
7/8 c4 NamesRUs
What happens if Mercer eats one of the Leviathans?
10/9/2019 c43 4Revliledpembroke
You know Mass Effect has target-seeking tech, right? Javelin torpedoes, the missiles we see the Geth use in the endgame of ME1, the ME2 Missile Launcher was supposed to have limited tracking tech (never got it to work, personally, so I never used it), and the missiles/torpedoes the fighters use.
8/23/2019 c1 stylo1
how can there not be a divergence from canon when humanity has so much more power. hell that is one way to instantly turn me away from a story
6/27/2019 c48 dantezess
I've really loved this novel and am looking foraward to the sequel. one thing i am going to mention is that you really hugged the main plot tightly with little to no canon divergence past how and who they did it with (powers and techsupernovas) and honestly i dont really care the story is good enough that even without a massive divergence that its absoluely worth reading and i hope you continuing writing the sequel
6/27/2019 c43 dantezess
Oh i almost spit my drink all over my screen and keyboard when i realized that the supernovas think that by beating saren and sovereign that it would be the end of the job. I then proceeded to cackle like a fucking mad man they are going to be in for a rude awakening lol
6/27/2019 c38 dantezess
Maybe now that they know how bad the whole mind control bullshit is they will start taking precautions against it
6/25/2019 c33 dantezess
...it isnt instant drop worthy but it is obnoxious that some magical outside force is all of a sudden fucking with one of the main characters and theres nothing anyone can do about it.
6/24/2019 c28 dantezess
I love this story so much at this point. I just wish all this drama bullshit with Ryan would stop. I mean really he just breaks down into tears and goes on a rant about family out of no where and proceeds to threaten Cole because "his" choices to fix the problem that he created in the first place are biting him in the ass? its fucking dumb and i doubt anything could change my mind about it. Although like i said in the beginning I really do love this story ryan just flips in and out of my shit list depending on the chapter lol
6/23/2019 c21 dantezess
Oh...well this is going to be fun
6/23/2019 c17 dantezess
You know i'm curious as to how chief and alexs first meeting went considering how alex is a walking virus with abilities uncomfortably similar to the Flood. I mean chief couldnt have reacted well to that.
6/22/2019 c8 dantezess
At this point with as many mass effect fics with Overpowered SIs ands deus ex situations ive read Jenkins death is a running gag at this point like the carmine family from gears of war (they all die...everytime)
6/22/2019 c4 dantezess
Why not just get Kratos and take the false limits off his power (his powers were limited in game because of player perspective) bam you immediately have a god of war in your organization and since you have other ppl acting out of character its not like one more would make a difference and you could have him helping out death worlds (worlds that are almost garenteed to kill a mortal)
6/22/2019 c3 dantezess
their rage doesnt even need to be explained considering he used that bullshit phrase which i can only assume that means they have been brainwashed/programmed to follow orders against their will if said phrase is used
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