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9/27/2016 c4 Mischief Tea
I...what. Wow. Okay, then. If nothing else these people you spoke of are worth looking up if at the very least the use of their rec lists! (impeccable taste and all that - pbbfwahahaha)

And sure. I'll bite. (although I know it's been a while) I'd have to say that last line could only be Heero or Wufei. Quatre or Trowa might think it but probably wouldn't word it that way. Hell... in different circumstances I would say it's Duo answering himself! (I mean, lovable as he is, that kid definitely has a screw or two loose.)

What a mess. LOL Honestly though I'd rather see more of them interacting with your ongoing Mission-verse. Or even just more hijinks with wizarding paperwork and bureaucracy! Having to wrangle owls as part of his wizarding cover! Une wanting/trying to get him back for a particular mission and finding him conspicuously absent? ...Or conspicuously...something?

Hannah Abbot on the subject of his repeated visits? (So much for "just visiting town", right? Haha)

Does that big-ass owl of Eeylop's ever get a name? If not, does it get a mental nickname?

Squibs Anonymous?

...Grocery shopping?...

Duo? Just... because, actually. I have no good reason for this one other than that he's rad. Yeah. No excuse.

Please be inspired? (haha oh if only it were so easy...)
9/27/2016 c3 Mischief Tea
Somehow, no matter the circumstances or even what universe she's found herself in, Luna always knows...XD

Moon Frogs. Awwww.
9/27/2016 c2 Mischief Tea
I have a suspicion regarding this, no need to say one way or another but I got the (rather hilarious) impression that the "mind reading" was really just drunk!Heero's inability to tell which thoughts he was and was not vocalizing. Hahaha. Poor guy - being drunk sucks.

I'm pretty much in love with the ridiculous wary relationship between Heero and the (as of yet unnamed?) owl. And the fact that he's gone from worldwide hero in the land of the sane to... (non)magical secretary? It's like, wait... don't these stories usually have some element of mundanity-to-extraordinary in them? How is it that BOTH of his worlds balance boring everyday and extraordinary absurdity at equal levels?
9/27/2016 c1 Mischief Tea
Hooray! There is more of the wonderful story! (sort of...haha, but yes this is exactly what I'm here for. Mundane surreality at its best.)
12/19/2015 c4 7Kaito Echizen

Kaito is hungry want to eat
1/17/2015 c4 1Lw117149
lol I think it was Quatra
1/17/2015 c3 Lw117149
oh that was perfect Luna was a great chose! :)
1/17/2015 c2 Lw117149
*snicker* drunk Heero guess! What Number *lmao* lol really I love these
1/17/2015 c1 Lw117149
lol I loved this
7/18/2013 c4 2A Brilliant Loser
So! I had the good fortune of reading both this and Mission and I'm absolutely hooked! I think it's been a really cute story so far and I kind of want to see more of Heero's misadventures in the magical world, and him trying to hide it from the other pilots. It's been great so far and I hope to see more in the future!
6/5/2013 c4 3TristaDin
Glad I could be of help, this chapter was hilarious! I especially love that line about words, "too many and you lose your disaffected edge, too few and people assume you are a psychopath", pure BRILLIANCE.
To be honest I thought Heero was speaking at the end, it seems like the kinda random thing a brain-overloaded Heero would spit out before thinking. But maybe I'm the only one that thinks Heero has that problem. I suppose Trowa or Wufei might have said it though, since you've already written about Heero's interaction with magic. Anyway, loved it as always, and looking forward to the next installment!
6/2/2013 c4 2TrenchcoatMan
The sad truth is tho, that pretty much every GW x HP crossover, ever, has at least 3 of these cliche's in them. Pretty well summed up honestly. As for the last sentence, Id say its Duo talking to himself, cause of the three talkative ones, Wu Fei and Qautre would have worded it differently. Thats a Duo line through and through

6/2/2013 c4 Sam's Laptop
Thank you for the awesomely hilarious one-off. XD I especially liked the bit where Heero was throwing more logic at Wufei than he could easily shake off. As to my vote, in spite of the profanity I kinda think Quatre said that.
4/20/2013 c3 13Kitsune-001
Very good. I have read both of them.
4/4/2013 c3 20littlecatspaw
I can't believe I haven't seen this before! I could've sworn I'd subscribed...

Oh well. I'm loving it! The flobberworm encounter, Trowa!, Luna!

I love that Luna seems to know about what Heero did, with that final Thank You.
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