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6/1/2013 c13 MissApple17
aww no, this is too sad! Shane self-harming and all...
Please update soon, I realy want to see what's gonan hapen with especially Mitchie's reaction to the letter...
Keep up the amazing work !
6/1/2013 c13 1ItsAJemiLoveStory
Joseph noooo!
5/29/2013 c12 3nona-lovato
OMG! I can't possibly tell you how sorry I am for not reviewing the last Chapter. I'm REEEEAAALLY sorry :'(
Anyways congratulations on finishiing school :) does that mean that next year you'll be a 10th grader?
Its only the matter of Summer until 9th Grade is here for me :)
I hope everything gets back 2normal between Smitchie :)
I can't wait to read the new stories :) keep up the amazing work :) aaaaand Support ;)
Update Soon :)
5/29/2013 c12 83LoveShipper
Darn it, no matter who is on the negative end of the whole "you lied to me" scene, not one of my fave scenes.
5/29/2013 c12 MissApple17
Aww no... thank god you're in vacation so you won't leave us hanging too long with this sad chapter ending ! I hate Tess, more than in the movie !
Lucky you, on summer vacation ! I still have 3-4 weeks...
Please update soon ! Keep up the awsome work ! ;)
5/28/2013 c12 12unknownre
this was a great chapter! Loved it:)
5/28/2013 c12 Guest
Please update soon i love this story
5/19/2013 c11 LoveShipper
Awww already Shane is changing Mitchie for the better and we get a lovesick Shane
5/19/2013 c11 MissApple17
Glad you updated ! ;) Hmm... the love bug bit Shane I see ! I can't wait for some Smitchie scenes ! So... you know what to do ! ;)
5/19/2013 c11 12unknownre
this was really good!
4/30/2013 c10 3stonee288
HELLO, i really like your story, i write two, but this is something i look forward to, (reading is my favorite thing to do)
update soon please
4/28/2013 c10 83LoveShipper
Ohh Mitchie and Shane are having a moment. That is adorable how girlie happy Shane is after being with Mitchie
4/27/2013 c10 MissApple17
I can't wait for more ! Hmm where did Shane and Mitchie go? perhaps a canoe ride or something?... :P
Cute chap, sure it's short but at least you updated !
Glad your orchestra contest went more than well ! Congrats ! ;)
4/27/2013 c10 Seddielover945
Awe I love how you kept it so intact with the movie, yet it was so different! :) I see the budding of a beautiful Mitchie and Caitlyn friendship in the near future!
4/13/2013 c9 MissApple17
Aww this chap was so sweet ! Ah ha I didn't know they had each other's numbers!
Loved the ending with her kissing his cheek...
And Tess is being such a b**** !
Can't wait for more ! Two weeks will feel very long...
Keep up the awsome work ! This is getting better and better !
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