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4/13/2013 c9 83LoveShipper
Aww we still get the sweet "Gotta Find You" scene and also some more Shane and Caitlyn attitude towards Tess.
4/12/2013 c8 8TinkStar87
Pretty good chapter and whats the anniversary?
4/6/2013 c8 30Seddielover945
Awe! Good job Shane making Mitchie feel better! I'll try and update my stories, but Iv'e been so busy and well... :)
4/6/2013 c8 Nona-lovato
Hey hey hey!
I know u r probably mad cause I haven't reviewed the last chapters. But I have my reasons. I've been really busy since my first FINAL exam was today and I aw studying my ass of for the past weeks. School will finally end. No more school for me starting from next Thursday.
Anyways back to the chapter , I just read what I missed. Ll of them were amazing. They're just super short including this one. I love h Shane acts around Mitchie and vice versa.
What is the contest about ? Good luck with allllllll what you need luck in. And now I gtg back to studying. Update soon bad longer plz.
PS I'm too lazy to log in.
4/6/2013 c8 MissApple17
Haha poor Shane with the Tess scene! Yeah that must have been really embarrassing! X)
Awww I love the Shane/Mitchie scene! His heart skipped a beat and she had butterflies! (I think it's my favorite scene from your story until now!)That's a good sigh right? :P
Till next time! keep up the good work! ;)
4/6/2013 c8 83LoveShipper
Awww Mitchie and Shane's moment of connection and butterflies, how sweet
3/30/2013 c7 MissApple17
Hey no worries about update lines... we've all been through that period where your social life gets over your fanfiction one X) And good luck for that orchestra contest ! What type of instrument do you play?
Back to chap 7 ! Even though it was short, I really thought it was cute how Mitchie helped Shane up and they had their first real conversation (I'm not sure if we can call it that but still :p) ooohh and that shot of electricity...
Oh is it Tess that said "smooth move"?
Ok well update when you can, but I completely understand you being busy ! - been there, done that D Until next time ! ;)
3/30/2013 c7 8TinkStar87
Um you do know that in the second line it says dork not door, right? Anyway hope the next chapter is just a little longer, but other than that it was great -
3/30/2013 c7 30Seddielover945
Ohhh! This short, but cute!
3/30/2013 c7 83LoveShipper
Aww love's first sparks, sweet.
3/17/2013 c6 MissApple17
I see Shane is still refusing Tess' advances! Goody goody! lol X) and I think it's sweet how he always wants to help his mom... Ah and Mitchie and Shane met! Well, not officialy but.. Can't wait till next week, keep up the good work! :)
3/16/2013 c6 Guest
I think he went to the lake
3/16/2013 c6 12unknownre
this was good and i dont really know where he would have disappeared to i never thought about that
3/16/2013 c6 LoveShipper
Ohh glad to see Shane has some sass in him and unleashed it on Tess too
3/10/2013 c5 Seddielover945
This chapter was really great, hope you and I both find the time to update our stories soon! :) Amazing! :))))
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