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12/8/2017 c5 6GearFeathers
God why do you do this to me. I love Gumi and I love IA. How can you make me side with one or the other? *sigh* Well when push comes to shove, Gumi will always be my bae. It's Okay Gumi, I'll always love you more than Tsukasa ever could w
11/5/2013 c5 mamiho
This ff is pretty fun, I'd say. I am a fan of Kagerou project, so this looked interesting. And yea, 5 chapter is fluffy. You works are nice and all, but in all of the written chapters there are lack of dots and commas. Hope you repair that. And with that; I have nothing more to say about cons. About advantages I'd said at the beginning of review. So this is all I have to say right now about this ff. Just keep your good work.
Fan From Poland :-)
3/3/2013 c1 Guest
The character is actually not ia it's mary
2/17/2013 c2 1Shojo-chan cat
Oh, I also forgot to say that the boys name is Seto from the official series :3, but this seems to be heading a different direction than the aftermath of the song as well, so, this ends my words of advice.
2/17/2013 c1 Shojo-chan cat
It's a good start! The only problem I have is, well, the girl in the song is not IA. I'm not so sure if you know this, but it's a girl called Mary. There several other songs connected to this, and whenever people mistake the girl Mary in Imagination Forest with IA, I feel like pulling my hair out :/

Also, the good thing is that there'll be an anime based off of the series, so nobody will really confuse Mary with IA. If you want to know more, the series itself is called Kagerou Project. The manga is called Kagerou Days, and there has been a new song in the series that has been released today!

If you already know that the girl in the song is not IA, than this is sort of awkward, I guess? But with that said, I'd like to be reading more of this already known series! I always find it entertaining when an author speaks about how she/he interpreted that song, and how they put it in words!
2/9/2013 c3 16Lizzy '-' rocks
Haha, way to make the Souzou Forest-ness obvious. Cuz he had a phone at the end of the video... So yeah...

Nice chapter, nice length, overall great job and update soon :)
2/5/2013 c2 Lolly1o1
I really liked this it was cute and sweet!
2/4/2013 c2 Lizzy '-' rocks
Oooh, he actually has a name now :3 His name actually reminds me of Tsubaki from Soul Eater's last name- Nakatsukasa, I think?

Anyways- It's interesting, and I'm wondering why he didn't turn into stone?

And aww, this was so sweet and awesome :)

Update soon!
2/4/2013 c1 Lizzy '-' rocks
Hmmm... This is really cool :3

I'd maybe add a line between the present-day scenes and the flashback? It makes it flow better when people do that, I think, but that's just an opinion.

Also, I really liked the interesting aura (If that's the right word) you managed to create around the boy. Who is he? How will he affect her? I can't wait to find out!
2/3/2013 c1 divagirl10369
Cool mice story so far
2/3/2013 c1 52Mipiko
Not bad for a start, I must say. And there really isn't a correct way on how to do Author's Notes. Everyone dies them a Tad differently, in a way. XD

The events kind of bounce back and forth, and feels somewhat choppy, but I understood what was going on, and about IA's past. :3

Just wishing you the best of luck on your very first story, and welcome to the fandom! X3 Can't wait to see you update this!


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