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2/24/2013 c24 Fuinn13
This was great, I'm still working on the book.
2/24/2013 c24 brigid1318
definitely not boring! and you are sooooo good to us! i did like what you wrote about john. what a journey that man is having haha.

when i got to the part about nora finding addis i literally got tingles. major props to you!

poor r seems to be the only zombie who has CNS (can't remember s**t) about his old life. i wonder if that means it really sucked? i kinda like that it's a mystery for him tho, mainly cuz he has no interest in finding out. he's too happy with his new one. not that i would be upset if isaac marion decides to give him memories of his old past in the sequel...
2/24/2013 c24 Sydney
2/24/2013 c24 Sydney
Oh I know right! it happens to much in this world... Crazy people doing horrible things to woman!

Omg I'm cring again! So mush emotion in this story! Oh and I over how you gave Nora something to be happy about, too, instead of just R and Julie. Nora and M should get together! And is r gonna ever remember anything? Maybe so...

So anyway like I said nice w/ the Nora thing and the emotions, update soon!
2/24/2013 c24 Ashely Marie
Omg loved the surprise of Addy. It keeps the story from getting boring haha. Keep it going, this is my fave fan fiction I ever read
2/24/2013 c24 6imperfectimpostor
Amazing chapter, as usual! By the way, where can I read The New Hunger? I've called a few bookstores and looked online, but I can't find it anywhere.
2/24/2013 c23 Fuinn13
This was fantastic! Realized I left this open on my computer.
2/24/2013 c24 46LoneTread
1. There is not enough "awwwww :DDD" in the world for this chapter. :D
2. You mean "Beretta" (the brand of firearm), not "barrette" (hair clip). And please don't be offended at how hard I laughed at the mental image of John Grigio armed with a barrette.
3. Besides John's girly hair accessories (:P), the flashback was really well done; I'm impressed. I don't often see flashbacks as seamless as that.
4. Did I mention awwwww? This chapter is the sweetest thing and I have you to thank for this giant sappy grin on my face. *seal clap*
2/24/2013 c24 Reader1352
A big twist Nora has a brother. Awesome as ever. Please update soon;)
2/24/2013 c24 1ArtistAddict
OH MY GOD IT IS ADDIS! You have no idea how flipping excited I am for next chapter! UPDATE NOWWWWW! This is the only highlight of my day, so I need more! Oh my God...is M and R going to remember him too? Untruths flip up!
2/24/2013 c24 AnthonyC22
Can we please have some R and Julie time again? I miss that!
2/24/2013 c24 loves-BuckyBarnes
Great chapter! I love it!
So many good chapters!
2/24/2013 c24 274MeJasper
Wow! A lot going on all right!
24 chapters, too!
2/24/2013 c24 9coadhpgg
Addyaddyaddyaddyaddy! I have soo many happy feels right now :D
And john! Whey! I missed him! I love this john so much more than the original john :)
2/24/2013 c24 19Gembomz
OMG! Nora's little brother! Yay!
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