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2/22/2013 c22 Reader1352
That's a relief I'm glad Julie and R are okay, ha I just said R are. Anyways your an amazing writer. Please update soon;)
2/22/2013 c22 loves-BuckyBarnes
A lot of relief, thank god they are both ok, Scott sounds like "The Governor" from The Walking Dead, not taking shit from anyone. God I hate "The Governor" but I guess you do to lol. So happy that everything is ok. Amazing chapter, can't wait to read the next one. It seems like there is no end!
2/22/2013 c22 19bonesbemmettlover
Thank God! I am SO happy they both made it out of there. Not that I doubted, but alot of things could have happened!
2/22/2013 c21 Sydney
Omg I started crying near the end of the latest chapter! Good thing I am home alone!

I think what you did with the rematch was good and how R tried to convince the other 'purists' and also how you put into detail that the woman there were willing to help.

Ok well, PLEASE don't let R die! And great story! Update soon!
2/22/2013 c21 4EosHeliosSelene
Omg... I just can't get enough of hurt!R. Thank you for the swift updates. Please post soon
2/22/2013 c21 10Kaskaderade
Oh poo. Why would you do this to me? I secretly hope that tommy is dead though. Scott reminds me of daddy Grigio in the book.
2/21/2013 c21 Katie T
I was rereading your story again because I love it so :)

I had just finished reading the chapter where they kicked Scott out and it hit me why I never thought of him being like the governor. Scott's behavior before being thrown out reminded me more of Julie's father in the book. Unwilling to accept that things can change. Where you pick her father up as they had him in the movie with the belief in change. I just thought it was a way you were acknowledging both book and movie. Especially when you compared Tommy to just another boney R needed to kill. The way Isaac Marion compared the guys at the orchard to boneys. I had that imagery of the ugly intolerance and bigotry with Scott and not that sick twisted crazy man. I didn't see the real sickness in Scott til he wanted to get Julie as a means of getting even.

It just hit me like a ton of bricks so I wanted to share :) I also hope it made sense... I've reread what I wrote several times but is after midnight and my brain is fried. Can't wait for tomorrow's chapter!
2/21/2013 c21 jurassicpark12
when you gonna post the next chapter?
2/21/2013 c21 No One
This cliffhanger is going to KILL me, and I will rise from the dead to EAT YOUR BRAIN to know how it all ends!

Have a nice day. :)

Jk. I love the cliffhanger, and the suspense is now going to kill me for the next few hours while I await update. I really like R here. He's like the loyal yet just avenger kicking ass and saving it, too. Very hot no while adorable with the whole puppy thing (and I need to look up that behind the scenes part now).

Stop letting your mind go into the gutter, and get going on the next chapter you mad genius! But, if u kill R for your "tragedy," and he doesn't come back to life, I will let the zombies (that R didn't want to ask for help) at u.

2/21/2013 c21 Horsecrazy141
Omg this chapter was so intense I love it :) but R :( idk I hope he'll b ok I can't wait to read more and find out what happened! :O
2/21/2013 c21 AliciasInWonderland
Noooooooo not a cliffhanger! :O I just caught up with this story and this is what happens! xD
I would tell you to update soon, but I trust you and have a feeling that you will. :)
2/21/2013 c21 warmbodies1d
You really throw yourself into your work don't you? And I take back that almost... anyway...*wipes tear* someone needs to kill Scott! I THINK KEVIN SHOULD KILL SCOTT! (because r hates killing anyone) SCOTT AND TOMMY AND ALL THEIR MEN SHOULD DIE. UGH THESE CLIFFHANGERS ARE KILLING US.

Update soon! *bats eyelashes* pwetty pwease?
2/21/2013 c21 AnthonyC22
R going nuclear on Tommy, that is so awesome! Doesn't look good for R and Julie, but I seriously hope Scott's men turn their weapons on Scott and kill the dumb bastard.
2/21/2013 c21 brigid1318
curses! you leave us hanging again. my fingers are crossed that scott's men have a change of heart. it sounded like r's words were working on them... i'm so glad you wouldn't do that to julie!

i'm also glad we agree on the very ending, when they're so content. no more frustration. they actually seemed really comfortable together.

i think you did really well at creating the fight scene in this chapter. i could see it in my head but you also didn't bog anything down with too many details. but two chapters ended with cliffhangers in a row? my heart can't take this!
2/21/2013 c21 Fuinn13
Part of me hopes you have him almost die, I know how bad that sounds but I think it's good drama. Or have him die and Julie finds a way to bring him back. I'm excited!
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