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2/28/2013 c29 MaddiegreeN
IT'S OVER?! WHAAAAAT?! Please tell me you're going to add bonus time warp chapters?! D,:
2/28/2013 c28 Reader1352
Awww man is it nearly the end? Your such an amazing writer. Please update soon;) (that is if there is one)
2/28/2013 c28 Xanna
I love how you wrapped everything up, cant wait for those one-shots ;)
2/28/2013 c29 AnthonyC22
Nice going there genius, you left out Midnight City by M83! Though I already posted a review with that, so no need in commenting on this review... Just wanted to say something
2/28/2013 c29 Meg
I loved your story! I think you should do another one with tham as a family. :)
2/28/2013 c28 AnthonyC22
And I gotta say I loved the ending to the story. You rock Kage, thanks for making such an interesting final chapter and such a wonderful read for the whole story in general! This makes me want to watch the movie for a fourth time (Yes I know what you might say, but its such an awesome movie!) Just wanted to say that you left out Midnight City by M83, though you already know that I guess... Looking forward to the sequel :)!
2/28/2013 c28 Horsecrazy141
I loved this story and thanks for letting me know! That makes sence I'm rereading the book myself after I read the prequel but I can't wait til he's done with the sequel so I can read it lol :) well I hope to read more by you in the future :)
2/28/2013 c28 No One
I have enjoyed it all! I hope we CAN get you to write a sequal :)

Also, though I thought the kiss was a little cheesy, it was still great (especially with M breaking it up).

Anyway, I feel this ending wraps it all up nicely. It's very sweet, and it seems just R and Julie's style (especially considering the picture you painted). Congrats on upping the word count! That's epicness right there. I really appreciate the sentiments, and I've enjoyed corresponding with you as well.

I've read the song list, and I agree with all your choices for inspiration. They are awesome. I congradulate you on a completed, epic story that reached (*glances to top*) wow, over 465 reviews. You deserve them, girl, but only if they are good :)

Also, one thing about books is that even though you wrote this in under a month, Mairon has to deal with editors, fact checkers, big wigs, and all that crap before it even goes to proof. -.- Kind of sucks for us waiting, but apparently all the redundancy is necassary to create a great book. Hopefully, he will write his next book quickly because I, too, am DYING to learn what happens next.

Anyway, have fun with the "Mature" content portion. I hope all that read them enjoy the... er... extra details. x.x

I wish you all the best in your other works, and I hope we meet again. It's been fun! And hilarious, and disturbing, and awesome, and freaking scary, and twisted... It's been a lot of things - mostly good, BTW :P

2/28/2013 c29 brigid1318
i'm so sad now that this is over. what will i do every morning now?

thank you so much for writing this. you helped my obsession with warm bodies! i'm terrible at imagining stuff so i have to have other people write it for me to read. i enjoyed this so much!

everything was tied up so nicely at the end, tho i understand why you couldn't go farther with m and nora. i wouldn't mind those mature content one shots when you get the chance... yup, perv haha.

now i can read this from start to finish and not have to worry about pesky cliffhangers! oh those cliffhangers. the action, the drama, you did it all so well. it's bittersweet to know there won't be more.

i've actually been in japan for only two years. my husband is stationed here. i stick out like a sore thumb!

thank you again for writing this fantastic story :-)
2/28/2013 c28 6imperfectimpostor
Oh my gosh! I'm so sad it's over! This was the best story I've ever read on this site by far! You're such a good writer! You have to write a sequel!(:
2/28/2013 c28 13Bailey2088
Really love this story, saw the movie and loved it, and this just ties everything together. Really hope you do decide to do a sequel, it would be nice to see them both as parents, see what happens to the others, and what happens to the world with all the changes after a couple of years.
2/28/2013 c28 Fuinn13
This was fantastic. Such a great end to a great story. It would be nice for you to have a sequel but its already so great. Wish you the best, can't wait to see more from you!
2/28/2013 c28 Guest
I love this story, I've been following it since the start. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do at about six every day, you should keep writing! Very well done :)
2/28/2013 c28 19bonesbemmettlover
Darn it:( No wedding:( Oh well, loved it any way!
2/28/2013 c28 loves-BuckyBarnes
OMG I love it! Such a great ending just wish it didn't have to end, but I guess all great stories come to an end sooner or later. I loved reading this fan-fiction so much, I looked forward to it everyday just to make my day even better!

Please write the mature content soon, I love a good sex scene in fan-fictions, even with the characters I love so much! Yeah...I'm immature kind of like Nora. But hey I don't really care lol!

What a great fan-fiction you wrote, I loved reading it everyday! Hope to read some more soon.
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