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2/28/2013 c27 46LoneTread
I love love love this chapter. As much as I'm going to be sad when this story ends, it could end here and that would be totally satisfying. (Btw, there are several misspellings; I expect you'll catch them on a reread, but I'm happy to point out specifics in PM if needed. Aside from that, no complaints from me. 3)
2/28/2013 c27 Fuinn13
This was fantastic as usual!
2/28/2013 c27 RumbleInTheJungle
i think the chapter is great :D I don't like this much action anyway :)
I love reading your story
2/27/2013 c27 No One
Don't sell yourself short. You are a very good writer. You fluidly connect all the ideas and story pieces together to create a fantastic story. I've really enjoyed the experience of reading your story.

For this chapter itself, I don't feel like you jibbed us of any action. I felt it was very balanced, especially since R did describe at the end of the movie that they basically just destroyed the Boneys in the end. It doesn't necessarily NEED to be majorly action-y. You just wrote it well (though I agree with Marcus - the middle of a major battle is not the scene for a major make-out session).

This is a nice tie into it all. You've included all the people who deserve their moment in the spot light. BTW, I really loved John's speech. It was just SO John.

Now, I feel like the end is near, and I just want to say...


(*one major tantrum later*) well, got that out of my system. Actually, I will really miss this story if it is the end. You've brought me, and all of us, on one of those few stories of a life time, and I will remember it for a long time.

Good luck on the next chapter! We loyally await your update.

2/27/2013 c27 AnthonyC22
Haha, I knew a nuke would never work! But I love how you took the fight in the movie from a little snippet to a full blown battle between Boneys and Humans/Half-Dead/Ex-Zombies! I just love how you had M also fighting the Boneys and my favorite part was when he had a boney meet Mr Glock and boom goes the boney! Keep it up :)
2/27/2013 c27 Reader1352
Wow a lot of action in this chapter, it was amazing. Please update soon;)
2/27/2013 c27 9coadhpgg
:O thiiinnngggsss aarrreee gettttiiiinnggg beetttteeeerrr!
I agree with john, I expect a wedding and children ;)
I just can't wait for what's to come now! I feel like this is a real turing point in the epic RJulie saga :)
2/27/2013 c27 Horsecrazy141
i love it! I'm sad to know its coming to an end though. Will u write more warm bodies stories? I hope so I really like how u write :)
2/27/2013 c27 brigid1318
nooooo the end is near! it's sad, but at the same time, being able to read your story from start to finish will be nice. like a book! i hope that makes sense?

are you going to add in a definite romantic beginning between nora and m or are you going to leave it where it is just in case for the sequel? i guess i'm asking if there will be a kiss involved :-D

i didn't mind the wait for a new chapter too terribly cuz it was worth it! i think my favorite part in this chapter was the "stay together" part. it was like an adorable reverse of the movie and it's just an example of why i love this couple (especially r!) so much.

i love how in your story you have made it your own, fleshing out characters and keeping them as they were in the movie/book. the evolution of relationships and changes in the characters (like john) was very believable. you have made your own story, but at the same time you have played it well within the lines of your source material. in other words, you're awesome!

as for living in japan, it's very different. i think i'm in for a culture shock when i finally come back to the states cuz the people here are so much more polite and kind compared to americans!

wow. pretty long review! sorry!
2/27/2013 c27 loves-BuckyBarnes
OMG! I love this chapter so much, all the excitement and John accepting R into the family and the last battle with all the Bonies! Such a great chapter!
2/27/2013 c27 Katie T
Hehehehe...your a/n. I was thinking about you when I saw the movie yet again last night. As Julie and R are sitting together looking at the city before the wall comes down and you can see his facial hair coming in ;) I chuckled and thought this is where she's going to end the story. Am I right!? Please Epilogue if that's the end!

I totally get why you changed that last part of chapter 25. What I liked about the original was it was R's idea and not the General's plan for the future. I like the take charge guy.

As always though you leave me hanging on every word. You also have me so excited to read The New Hunger! I know that this story can't go on forever, but I will miss this part of my day when I take a moment from hubby and the kids to enjoy just one more chapter :) And this story is just another reason why I love Warm Bodies.

Looking forward to hopefully two or more chapters please ;)
2/27/2013 c27 ExtremelyLazy
Love your story. You have captured the characters extremely well. I love Nora and M! they crack me up.
but you really need to work on your action scenes. You have some great ones, but the way you write them makes them very tedious to read. Its like you're telling us what's happening, not telling the story. Which makes its very slow, and tedious, and anti-climatic. Example: when John going to Cali and gets ambushed. Could have been a great battle scene, could have had awesome detail, could have been really suspenseful and dramatic. But just the way you wrote it was like some one was telling us what happened afterwards. Which made it really anti climatic, slow, drawn out, just boring. So you really need to work on that. Other than that, excellent story. I love the plot, the characters, everything.
2/27/2013 c27 19bonesbemmettlover
*singsong* I see a wedding coming!...
2/27/2013 c27 274MeJasper
Love the bit about Boneys trying to nip at Their heels!
love John's speech.
Getting close to end, u speed writer!
2/27/2013 c27 Xanna
Oh noes! The end is nigh? :( well, you remind me of James Patterson with a dash of Riordan ;) And I really liked that John took R's opinion as the deciding factor for the battle, I thought that really said a lot.
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