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3/21/2013 c6 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
I cannot see this ending very well...for anybody, what with Enjy's naturally stubborn nature. I hope he doesn't do anything ridiculous :) Still loving the progress, things aren't moving too fast.
One tiny thing, Courfeyrac said: "He's a very passionately speaker." ...Should have just been passionate, okay? I hate giving out constructive pointers, but my creative writing teacher tells me I need to practice, so there you go.
See you in the next update :)
3/21/2013 c6 46guineamania
Aww thanks mate, anytime on the picture!
Another great chapter from you and poor poor Enjie baby
3/20/2013 c6 41Sarahbob
Yay! I was so happy to see that you had updated :) another great chapter, I thought the nervous/anxious state of Enjolras was very realistic and Courfeyracs comfort really cute. Well done! Can't wait to read more and I'm really curious about Combeferres reaction to all this :) keep it up!
3/20/2013 c6 sabrina
Please don't kill my Enjolras! Pwetty pwease!
3/16/2013 c5 Cayr
I just found this story and really enjoy it! You really have done a great job capturing Enjolras' absolute devotion to his cause. Please keep writing!
3/6/2013 c5 50Audrey Lynne
Courf is just freaking adorable. Fra was so perfect for him. Another great chapter!
3/5/2013 c4 3musicandbookfreak4life
I love this story. I think I check my inbox every half hour to see if I get a story alert email but when I see that you haven't updated yet, I get very sad...UPDATE SOON PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
3/4/2013 c5 3viralsfan101
This was so brilliant! I love Fra too, btw, but I love Aaron more! Update soon please xxcx
3/4/2013 c5 11lemondropseverus
I must admit that when I said that I would love for this story to be continued I didn't expect for it to be continued in quite such a brilliant manner. Of course, I knew the story would turn out to be good but I never expected it to be this good! Well done!

I am glad we got to see a bit more of Enjolras' insight into the situation. You manage to humanize him beautifully without sacrificing all the characteristics that make him the leader of the revolution. His reaction to the situation at hand is suited to the personality that Hugo has endowed him with (especially his single-mindedness). I cannot wait to see more of him and how he is going to evolve.

About your Courfeyrac, I must say that I find it hard to conciliate the image you have presented of him in this chapter with the image of the "center of the revolution" who seeks to live life to the fullest and have as many romantic relations as possible. He seems a bit too naive and his speech is not as smooth as I would expect a womanizer's to be. I can, however, see how it fits with the movie-version of Courfeyrac and I like that.

Although your writing style relies on dialogue, the little tidbits of narration which present the reactions of the characters are the ones which truly give life to the two characters. I think you have manged to endow them with a certain veracity which makes them go beyond being merely characters and converts them into real human beings. As I said before, the premise of the story has the potential to make the boys evolve beyond what I suspect M. Hugo intended and I cannot wait to see how this evolution will unfold.

I cannot wait to read the next chapter :)

3/4/2013 c5 18SunWillRise2340
I freaking love Courfeyrac...awww, he's such a sweetie, and he's only bring annoying because Julien is one of his best friends! I love this idea, it's so clever, and I'm really pleased to see how well it's progressing! :) *love* xxx
3/4/2013 c5 62astoryinred
This is great. It reminds me of exactly how a friend of mine reacted in a similar situation. I pegged Enjolras as being a bit older; wasn't he 22 when he met Marius-which was around 1828?
3/3/2013 c5 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
N'aaaaw. That was cute and strangely funny :) I shouldn't have found that funny, should I?
I feel tension brewing... In the story, I mean.
Update when you can!
Mlle RXxx
3/3/2013 c5 41Sarahbob
Amazing! I love your writing and the characters seem perfectly in character to me. Can't wait to read more :)
3/3/2013 c5 Random Reader
An update! At last! Wow, this chapter had me on the edge of my seat. Gosh, I thought MY heart might give out for a minute there. Poor Enjolras! I love the way you write him and all the amis. I'm just really loving this story. :)
3/3/2013 c5 31Kchan88
Aww, Courf! He was adorable here and so worried! Hopefully Enjolras will start to see that he really DOES need to take care of himself, that or Combeferre, Courf, and the rest of the Amis are going to make him. ;)

I can't wait to see the next chapter!
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