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3/2/2013 c4 4The Chandelier Fell
Bum Bum Bummmmm! Intense chapter! Keep writing!
2/27/2013 c4 kangaroo
I enjoyed the chapter!
I do believe Enjolras is going to be furious when he finds out Combeferre told the others. Do I sense Combeferre/Enjolras angst on the horizon, hopefully to follow with oodles of h/c fluff.

Be intrigued to see Joly's reaction more in depth; he's so convinced some illness will befall him or one of the others and now that it has...

Looking forward to the next chapter.

2/26/2013 c4 11lemondropseverus
Another stellar chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I especially liked the last part of the chapter and Grantaire's reaction to the revelation. It's very like him to feel guilty for supposedly endangering Enjolras. It was a very good chapter, on par with everything you have written thus far, I would however like to see more of what Enjolras thinks about the developments. Thus far you have given us a lot of 'Ferre's reactions but very little of Enjolras' (apart from obvious annoyance that is)

I do have a small comment, and it's not necessarily negative, but I don't really think that Joly would live with Courfeyrac. After all, Joly's closest friend is Lesgle and he does have Musichetta as a mistress which would make it a bit awkward for him to share with Courfeyrac (especially since Courfeyrac is notoriously prolific in that area as well). Plus, at some parts in the novel Courfeyrac shares flats with Marius. That being said, it's not entirely impossible that they would share but it is slightly far-fetched (in my opinion, at least) that they would live in the same building as Enjolras and Combeferre.

Yet, all in all, like all the chapters before it, I did love this chapter and I cannot wait to read more.


PS: In French the possessive adjective has more than one form (unlike English). So while in English it would be correct to say both "my friend" and "my friends", in French the possessive adjective changes form depending on the gender and number of the thing/things possessed ( and also whether the word starts with a vowel or not, but that's irrelevant here). Thus, "my friend" is "mon ami" (male friend) and "my friends" is "mes amis".
2/26/2013 c4 62astoryinred
Oooh. Where has Courfeyrac gone? I love Combeferre's discretion though.

By the way, it's 'mes amis' not 'mon amis'. French grammar rules. :) Good job otherwise!
2/26/2013 c4 10Whitefleur
Gods, the stories like this that I miss because I only look at the Les Mis at the book categories. Why are they even separated?

I really like your story! I think Combeferre is a bit under appreciated, and it makes me happy to see stories like this. *gives you all the cookies*

Keep up the good work!
2/25/2013 c4 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
Um, filler? If this was your filler I'm curious as to what your definition of "action" might be.
Anyway, now I now there's going to be more action in the next chapter...please update as soon as possible.
Mlle R
2/25/2013 c4 5lionesslullaby
I absolutely love this story! Enjolras and the Friends of the ABC are such inspiring sweethearts and you do so good at portraying them. Keep it up!
2/25/2013 c4 14Fanpire101
Wow, this story is so fantastic! Enjolras with a fatal flaw, I've never read anything like it. It's brilliant. Well done!
2/25/2013 c1 29LoverFaery
Feelings. I have them. A lot. I love how defensive and peevish he got when it was noticed. Thanks for reviewing me so I could come here and find your work!
2/25/2013 c4 50Audrey Lynne
Loving this story so far! Poor Enji and his broken heart. 3 Love to see more of the boys worrying over him!
2/25/2013 c4 46guineamania
Where'd he go?! You must write more mon ami
Poor poor Enjie and Taire! Cannot wait for more
2/25/2013 c3 11lemondropseverus
Well, I am happy that I finally got around to reading the third chapter. I'm sorry I took so long, but you know what they say: "better late than never". So, what can I say about this chapter? It's very good... very, very good! In fact, I like how your writing style evolves with each chapter making the last one better than the previous ones.

One of the facts that I especially liked about this is that you included items from the book and we could get to see Enjolras the revolutionary a bit more. It is always a danger with stories that humanize him to downplay that part and I am happy that you don't do this. In fact, the contrast between Enjy the marble lover of liberty and Enjy the flawed human is what makes A Revolutionary Heart such an amazing story. In this chapter, this was especially clear in 'Ferre's description of the two ways he perceives his friend.

The narration of the "marathon through Paris" was really well-written. It seems you have a flair for fast-paced narration and were able to transmit the sense of suspense well. This, combined with the description of Enjolras in pain (which was sublime), made this chapter truly memorable.

You already know that I like your take on the two characters and the premise of the story. After this chapter I no longer like it, I love it and I hope that I will get to read more of it as soon as possible.


PS: once again, thank you for the mention in the author's note. You are very kind!
2/24/2013 c3 18SunWillRise2340
NO! Enjy! This is brilliant, and I love Enjolras' total brushing off of this condition when it seems to be more serious than it is...and hopefully 'Ferre will talk some sense into him...hopefully! Great work, very well written with only a few typos. Good one! xxx
2/19/2013 c3 SHRevolutionary
Amazing! Please continue!
2/19/2013 c3 41Sarahbob
Love it! I like Combeferre's mothering over Enjolras.
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