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2/9/2013 c1 5SerynnLux
Oooh! I like this! Flawed Enjolras... that is something new for me. Not to mention Combeferre. I do like him. This was very well done!
2/8/2013 c1 4BlackRedandBold
I absolutely love this piece. As lemondropseverus below me said, I'd adore you if you expanded on this, maybe a series with the other Amis...? Honestly I'm very impressed the way you write Ferre as a med student and want to see more of that!

Also, bonus points on the historically accurate steth, and Enjorlas' condition could also be something called idiopathic tachycardia (I'm not sure when they termed that, though, so if you do use it, you may have to pull the artistic license card ;)

2/8/2013 c1 11lemondropseverus
I absolutely adored this story! It was very well-written and you captured the characters in a wonderful manner. Also, the fact that Enjolras is more human, does not make him out of character. In fact, I think it makes him more endearing than in cannon (both book and musical).

I want to thank you for uploading such and enjoyable read and I would love it if this story was continued into a full-story (An idea, of the top of my mind is ,for example, you could follow through on how Combeferre's perception of "Apollo" changes knowing that he bears a physical flaw- maybe he becomes more protective, maybe he watches him more closely etc.)

Anyway, it is a wonderful fiction and whether you decide to continue it or not, I am glad to have stumbled upon this little gem!

2/4/2013 c1 4The Chandelier Fell
I love this! The only problem is that there is no Gavroche.
2/4/2013 c1 31Kchan88
Aw, this was a sweet piece! I always enjoy Enjolras/Combeferre friendship pieces, and this was a nice look into that.

Lovely job! :)
2/4/2013 c1 62astoryinred
Interesting. Being a med student, I can relate to *both* ends of the situation.

A couple of nitpicks though: The thermometers that were in use in the 1830s would not be able to get a temperature reading that quickly. It wasn't till the 1860s that a more practical thermometer was invented. Secondly, I am very sure that the stethoscope that Combeferre would realistically have would not look much like the modern day ones we have; the ones that Laenecc (the inventor of the stethoscope, who lived at around this time) looked more like long trumpets with the broad end resting on the patient's chest, and the other, narrower end stuck into one ear.

Otherwise I like this fic, and how it touches on several aspects of the Amis' lives. It's melancholy and yet not saccharine.
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