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for A Revolutionary Heart

6/29/2013 c15 4ThatNerdyGirl11
Aw, I just love Joly and his little hypochondriac ways!
6/29/2013 c12 Guest
Too obsessed with this chapter
Can't stop reading
6/29/2013 c10 Guest
One of my favorite chapters so far
6/29/2013 c5 Guest
Started Reading This Today and I can't stop. Really good!
6/23/2013 c19 67kamelion
Nicely done! Adding it to my list. ;)
6/5/2013 c19 9MerlinaDementiaSnow
Yesterday I read the entire story and I only feel sorry that it wasn't any longer. It was fantastic! I really liked read about Enjolras's most vulnerable side and how Les Amis managed to help their stubborn leader.
6/3/2013 c19 12Justice237
I loved this whole story so much! Your characterizations were spot on and I loved the plot and the idea. I'll stay revolutionary!
6/3/2013 c19 54HardfacedQueenofMisadventure
Wow. I can't believe it's over *sniffle*
Let me just say that this has been, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most interesting fanfics I have ever read. Really. And I'm glad I stuck with it for every single chapter. So...thanks. Thank you for writing it, and putting up with my annoying rambles after every chapter. Yeah, like this one :)
Mlle RXxx
(P.S: I'll be looking out for more of your stuff in the future, so don't think you've gotten rid of me just yet.) ;)
6/2/2013 c19 4The Chandelier Fell
I really liked the story! Jehan may have been my favorite part.
6/2/2013 c19 justme
That was a truly lovely ending.
I sort of want to cry. Jehan is so sweet. I love him.
6/2/2013 c19 10Enjolras345
Great ending. I have loved this story since I read the first chapter! Thanks for writing such amazing material! Can't wait to read whatever you write next.
6/2/2013 c19 twiggy31
very sad this is over, but it was such a great story with so many emotions! loved it! you are a fabulous writer and i cannot wait to read more of your works :D
6/2/2013 c19 62astoryinred
Bravo! That's all I can say!
6/2/2013 c19 ForeverFlamingFire
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this
6/2/2013 c19 14RunForItItsJavert
Awww so sad it's over!
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